Definition of barranca Pronunciation
1. A steep-sided gulch or arroyo; a canyon or ravine.
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English - English - barranca Pronunciation
n. ravine, steep bank; deep gully, arroyo with steep banks; bluff, headland (term mainly used in southwest United States)
n. gully, small ravine
n. high and steep bank of a river
Spanish - English - barranca Pronunciation
n. gully, small ravine
English - German - barranca Pronunciation
n. Schlucht; tiefes Flußbett; Landspitze, Landzunge (im Südwesten der USA benutzter Begriff)
English - Italian - barranca Pronunciation
English - Portuguese - barranca Pronunciation
s. ravina, despenhadeiro, barranco
English - Russian - barranca Pronunciation
сухое речное русло
Portuguese - English - barranca Pronunciation
n. high and steep bank of a river
English - Japanese - barranca Pronunciation
(名) 峡谷; 切り岸のある深い谷; 絶壁, 岬(主に米国南西部にて使用される)

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