Definition of bathroom Pronunciation
1. A room containing a bath where one can bathe.
2. A room containing a toilet.
The bathroom was inconveniently located on the other side of the building.
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English - English - bathroom Pronunciation
n. room where the toilet and bathtub are located
English - Spanish - bathroom Pronunciation
s. cuarto de baño, servicio
English - French - bathroom Pronunciation
n. salle de bains; toilettes, cabinet de toilettes
English - German - bathroom Pronunciation
n. Badezimmer, Bad
English - Indonesian - bathroom Pronunciation
n. kamar mandi, kamar kecil, kakus
English - Italian - bathroom Pronunciation
s. stanza da bagno
English - Polish - bathroom Pronunciation
n. łazienka
English - Portuguese - bathroom Pronunciation
s. quarto de banho, banheiro
English - Romanian - bathroom Pronunciation
n. baie, cameră de baie
English - Russian - bathroom Pronunciation
с. ванная, ванная комната
English - Turkish - bathroom Pronunciation
i. tuvalet, banyo
English - Ukrainian - bathroom Pronunciation
n. ванна
English - Dutch - bathroom Pronunciation
zn. badkamer, toilet
English - Greek - bathroom Pronunciation
ουσ. λούτρο, δωμάτιο λούτρου, δωμάτιο καλλωπισμού, τουαλέτα
English - Arabic - bathroom Pronunciation
‏حمام، مرحاض‏
English - Chinese - bathroom Pronunciation
(名) 浴室; 化妆室, 厕所
English - Chinese - bathroom Pronunciation
(名) 浴室; 化妝室, 廁所
English - Hindi - bathroom Pronunciation
n. नहाने का कमरा
English - Japanese - bathroom Pronunciation
(名) バスルーム; 浴室; 便所
English - Korean - bathroom Pronunciation
명. 욕실
English - Vietnamese - bathroom Pronunciation
n. phòng tắm

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Synonyms for bathroom
bath: lavatory, shower, spa, sauna, shower room