Definition of beachside Pronunciation
1. Of or pertaining to land bordering a beach
Beachside property
2. The land bordering a beach
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English - English - beachside Pronunciation
adj. on the beach; facing a beach; located on a beach
English - Spanish - beachside Pronunciation
adj. al lado de la playa, junto a la playa; frente a la playa; localizado sobre la playa
English - German - beachside Pronunciation
adj. am Strand; richtung Strand; am Strand plaziert
English - Italian - beachside Pronunciation
agg. sulla spiaggia, in riva al mare
English - Portuguese - beachside Pronunciation
adj. na praia, no litoral
English - Japanese - beachside Pronunciation
(形) 浜辺の; ビーチサイドにある

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