Definition of beaklike Pronunciation
1. Resembling the beak of a bird.
A grizzled man with a beaklike nose.
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English - English - beaklike Pronunciation
adj. resembling a beak
English - Spanish - beaklike Pronunciation
adj. parecido a la matriz
English - French - beaklike Pronunciation
adj. en forme de bec, comme un bec
English - German - beaklike Pronunciation
adj. schnabelartig, schnabelähnlich
English - Italian - beaklike Pronunciation
agg. come un becco (d'uccello)
English - Portuguese - beaklike Pronunciation
adj. semelhante a um bico
English - Russian - beaklike Pronunciation
English - Turkish - beaklike Pronunciation
s. gaga gibi, gagaya benzeyen
English - Dutch - beaklike Pronunciation
bn. snavelachtig
English - Japanese - beaklike Pronunciation
(形) くちばし状の

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