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English English - Definition of bean 
n. leguminous plant; small edible seed of the bean plant; beanlike seeds (i.e. coffee beans); small application program intended to perform a defined task (in the Java Internet programming language)
v. hit on the head
Spanish English To Spanish - bean 
s. frijol, alubia, fréjol, fríjol, frijón, haba, habichuela, judía, poroto; componente, programa de aplicación chica que tiene funciones específicas (en el idioma Java)
v. descargar un mazazo en la cabeza
French English To French - bean 
n. haricot; fève; (café) grain, (cacao) graine, fève; (tête) caboche; composant, programme de petite exécution spécifique pour réaliser une fonctiondéfini (en langage Java sur Internet); tête; boule
v. assommer, frapper à la tête
German English To German - bean 
n. Bohne, essbare Hülsenfrucht; kleines Anwendungsprogramm das für einen bestimmten Zweck geschrieben wurde (in Java und Internet Programmiersprache)
v. auf den Kopf schlagen
Italian English To Italian - bean 
s. fagiolo, pianta leguminosa; piccolo seme commestibile della pianta del fagiolo; semi simili a fagiolo (come i chicchi del caffè); piccolo programma di applicazione con un compito specifico (nella lingua di programmazione Java)
v. (fam) colpire alla testa
Portuguese English To Portuguese - bean 
s. feijão; fava; grão; pequeno programa aplicativo destinado à execução de uma tarefa definida na linguagem Java (Internet)
v. dar um golpe na cabeça
Russian English To Russian - bean 
с. фасоль, боб; монета; голова
Turkish English To Turkish - bean 
i. fasulye, tane; metelik, dost, kafa, akıl, kelle, saksı (kafa); adam
Albanian English To Albanian - bean 
n. bathë, kokërr
Dutch English To Dutch - bean 
zn. boon; kleine uitvoeringsprogrammering bedoeld voor beperkt doel (bij Javataal op internet)
ww. een standje krijgen, ervan langs krijgen
Greek English To Greek - bean 
ουσ. κουκί, φασίολος, φασόλι, κύαμος, κόκκος
ChineseS English To ChineseS - bean 
(名) 豆子, 可食用的豆类种子; (在爪哇因特网编程语言中) 用来演示一个明确任务的小应用程序
(动) 击...的头部
ChineseT English To ChineseT - bean 
(名) 豆子
(動) 擊...的頭部
Japanese English To Japanese - bean 
(名) 豆; 小さな食用マメ科植物の種; (ジャバインターネットプログラミング言語で)限定された作業をこなすようにつくられた小さなアプリケーションプログラム
(動) 頭を打つ; ビーンボールをくらわす
Korean English To Korean - bean 
명. 콩;콩과의 식물;콩비슷한 열매;자바 인터넷 프로그램 언어와 같은 정해진 업무를 완수하기 위한 사용설명서
동. 머리를 치다
noun: any of various edible seeds of plants of the family Leguminosae
noun: any of various leguminous plants grown for their edible seeds and pods
noun: any of various seeds or fruits suggestive of beans
noun: informal terms for a human head
verb: hit on the head, esp. with a pitched baseball
name: A surname (common: 1 in 5882 families; popularity rank in the U.S.: #713)


Tenses for bean
Present participle: beaning
Present: bean (3.person: beans)
Past: beaned
Future: will bean
Present conditional: would bean
Present Perfect: have beaned (3.person: has beaned)
Past Perfect: had beaned
Future Perfect: will have beaned
Past conditional: would have beaned

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