Definition of bean Pronunciation
1. Any plant of several genera of the taxonomic family Fabaceae that produces large edible seeds or edible seed pods.
2. The large edible seed of such a plant.
3. The edible seed pod of such a plant.
4. The bean-like seed of certain other plants, especially coffee; coffee in the general.
5. An object resembling a pea or bean in shape, often made from plastic or styrofoam and used in large numbers as packing material or as stuffing for beanbags and similar items.
6. The head or brain.
7. A guinea coin.
8. Money.
I haven't got a bean.
9. The clitoris.
10. JavaBean
11. To hit deliberately with a projectile, especially in the head.
The pitcher beaned the batter, rather than letting him hit another home run.
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English - English - bean Pronunciation
n. leguminous plant; small edible seed of the bean plant; beanlike seeds (i.e. coffee beans); small application program intended to perform a defined task (in the Java Internet programming language)
v. hit on the head
English - Spanish - bean Pronunciation
s. frijol, alubia, fréjol, fríjol, frijón, haba, habichuela, judía, poroto; componente, programa de aplicación chica que tiene funciones específicas (en el idioma Java)
v. descargar un mazazo en la cabeza
English - French - bean Pronunciation
n. haricot; fève; (café) grain, (cacao) graine, fève; (tête) caboche; composant, programme de petite exécution spécifique pour réaliser une fonctiondéfini (en langage Java sur Internet); tête; boule
v. assommer, frapper à la tête
English - German - bean Pronunciation
n. Bohne, essbare Hülsenfrucht; kleines Anwendungsprogramm das für einen bestimmten Zweck geschrieben wurde (in Java und Internet Programmiersprache)
v. auf den Kopf schlagen
English - Indonesian - bean Pronunciation
n. kacang, buncis, biji
English - Italian - bean Pronunciation
s. fagiolo, pianta leguminosa; piccolo seme commestibile della pianta del fagiolo; semi simili a fagiolo (come i chicchi del caffè); piccolo programma di applicazione con un compito specifico (nella lingua di programmazione Java)
v. (fam) colpire alla testa
English - Polish - bean Pronunciation
n. fasola, ziarnko, łeb
a. bobowy, fasolowy
English - Portuguese - bean Pronunciation
s. feijão; fava; grão; pequeno programa aplicativo destinado à execução de uma tarefa definida na linguagem Java (Internet)
v. dar um golpe na cabeça
English - Romanian - bean Pronunciation
n. bob {bot.}, fasole, duză {tehn.}, tigvă {fam.}, cap {fam.}
v. fi lefter
English - Russian - bean Pronunciation
с. фасоль, боб; монета; голова
English - Turkish - bean Pronunciation
i. fasulye, tane; metelik, dost, kafa, akıl, kelle, saksı (kafa); adam
English - Ukrainian - bean Pronunciation
n. квасоля, біб, горошина, горішок, монета, гроші, голова, завідуючий їдальнею
v. ударити по голові
English - Dutch - bean Pronunciation
zn. boon; kleine uitvoeringsprogrammering bedoeld voor beperkt doel (bij Javataal op internet)
ww. een standje krijgen, ervan langs krijgen
English - Greek - bean Pronunciation
ουσ. κουκί, φασίολος, φασόλι, κύαμος, κόκκος
English - Arabic - bean Pronunciation
‏رأس، فاصوليا، لوبيا، فول، حبة الفول، دماغ‏
English - Chinese - bean Pronunciation
(名) 豆子, 可食用的豆类种子; (在爪哇因特网编程语言中) 用来演示一个明确任务的小应用程序
(动) 击...的头部
English - Chinese - bean Pronunciation
(名) 豆子
(動) 擊...的頭部
English - Hindi - bean Pronunciation
n. सेम
English - Japanese - bean Pronunciation
(名) 豆; 小さな食用マメ科植物の種; (ジャバインターネットプログラミング言語で)限定された作業をこなすようにつくられた小さなアプリケーションプログラム
(動) 頭を打つ; ビーンボールをくらわす
English - Korean - bean Pronunciation
명. 콩;콩과의 식물;콩비슷한 열매;자바 인터넷 프로그램 언어와 같은 정해진 업무를 완수하기 위한 사용설명서
동. 머리를 치다
English - Vietnamese - bean Pronunciation
n. tia sáng
v. chói sáng, hớn hở

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Verb forms for bean
Present participle: beaning
Present: bean (3.person: beans)
Past: beaned
Future: will bean
Present conditional: would bean
Present Perfect: have beaned (3.person: has beaned)
Past Perfect: had beaned
Future Perfect: will have beaned
Past conditional: would have beaned