Definition of beet Pronunciation
1. Beta vulgaris, a plant with a swollen root which is eaten or used to make sugar.
The beet is a hardy species.
2. An individual plant organism of that species.
They sell beets by the pound in the supermarket. All I want is the roots. Can I cut off the roots and buy them alone?
3. A swollen root of such a plant.
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English - English - beet Pronunciation
n. vegetable
n. bed, area for growing plants
v. pray, praise or appeal to God in words or thought; worship
English - Spanish - beet Pronunciation
s. remolacha, acelga, betabel, betarraga, betarrata
English - French - beet Pronunciation
n. betterave
English - German - beet Pronunciation
n. Rübe, Bete
English - Indonesian - beet Pronunciation
n. bit
English - Italian - beet Pronunciation
s. (Bot) barbabietola
English - Polish - beet Pronunciation
n. burak
a. buraczany
English - Portuguese - beet Pronunciation
s. beterraba
English - Romanian - beet Pronunciation
n. sfeclă
English - Russian - beet Pronunciation
с. свекла
English - Turkish - beet Pronunciation
i. pancar, pancar kökü
English - Ukrainian - beet Pronunciation
n. буряк, льон: снопик льону
v. виправляти, допомагати
a. буряковий
German - English - beet Pronunciation
n. vegetable
Dutch - English - beet Pronunciation
n. bite, snap, nip, nibble, morsel
English - Dutch - beet Pronunciation
zn. biet
English - Greek - beet Pronunciation
ουσ. παντζάρι, κοκκινογούλι, σακχαρότευτλο
German - Spanish - beet Pronunciation
n. macizo (m), cuadro (m), parterre (m), bancal (m), era (f), hoya (f), tabla (f)
German - French - beet Pronunciation
n. plate-bande (f), planche (f), massif (m), parterre (m), carré (m)
German - Italian - beet Pronunciation
n. aiola (f)
German - Russian - beet Pronunciation
n. грядка (n), гряда (n), клумба (n)
German - Turkish - beet Pronunciation
i. tarh (n), yastık (n)
Dutch - French - beet Pronunciation
1. (insecten) piqûre (f) 2. (veeteelt) betterave (f)
3. (tuinbouw - groenten) betterave potagère; betterave rouge 4. (tuinbouwkunde) betterave sucrière; betterave (f)
5. (voedsel) bouchée (f); morceau (m) 6. (aktie) morsure (f); coup de dents
German - Dutch - beet Pronunciation
bed ,perk
English - Arabic - beet Pronunciation
‏شمندر، بنجر‏
English - Chinese - beet Pronunciation
(名) 甜菜, 糖萝卜; 甜菜根
English - Chinese - beet Pronunciation
(名) 甜菜, 糖蘿蔔; 甜菜根
English - Hindi - beet Pronunciation
n. चुकंदर
English - Japanese - beet Pronunciation
(名) ビート; ビートの根
English - Korean - beet Pronunciation
명. 사탕무우, 채소
English - Vietnamese - beet Pronunciation
n. củ cải tía
German - Chinese - beet Pronunciation
[das] pl.Beete 苗床,畦,花坛。

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