Definition of behold Pronunciation
1. To see, or to look at.
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English - English - behold Pronunciation
v. see, observe, view, perceive
English - Spanish - behold Pronunciation
v. contemplar, mirar, presenciar, ver
English - French - behold Pronunciation
v. voir, observer, precevoir, regarder, focaliser
English - German - behold Pronunciation
v. erblicken, sehen
English - Italian - behold Pronunciation
v. (poet) vedere, scorgere; guardare, osservare
English - Portuguese - behold Pronunciation
v. contemplar, observar
English - Russian - behold Pronunciation
г. смотреть, созерцать, видеть, замечать
English - Turkish - behold Pronunciation
f. görmek, bakmak, seyretmek, dikkat etmek
ünl. işte, bak
English - Albanian - behold Pronunciation
v. shoh [vjet.], vë re [vjet.]
English - Dutch - behold Pronunciation
ww. zien, kijken
English - Greek - behold Pronunciation
ρήμ. βλέπω, παρατηρώ
English - Chinese - behold Pronunciation
(动) 看到, 注视; 看
English - Chinese - behold Pronunciation
(動) 看到, 注視; 看
English - Japanese - behold Pronunciation
(動) 見る
English - Korean - behold Pronunciation
동. 보다, 관찰하다, 인지하다, 주시하다, 지켜보다

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Synonyms for behold
observe: view, see, look at, survey, witness, regard, inspect
Verb forms for behold
Present participle: beholding
Present: behold (3.person: beholds)
Past: beheld
Future: will behold
Present conditional: would behold
Present Perfect: have beheld (3.person: has beheld)
Past Perfect: had beheld
Future Perfect: will have beheld
Past conditional: would have beheld