v. surround, encompass, lay siege to, beleaguer
v. vanquish, win, defeat, overcome, beat
English - Spanish - besiege Pronunciation
v. asediar, acosar, acosar verbalmente; sitiar, acorralar, asaltar, rodear de fuerza militar; acosar a peticiones
English - French - besiege Pronunciation
v. assiéger, encercler, cerner; entourer
English - German - besiege Pronunciation
v. belagern
English - Italian - besiege Pronunciation
v. assediare, stringere d'assedio; circondare; tempestare, sommergere
English - Portuguese - besiege Pronunciation
v. assediar; sitiar; reclamar
English - Russian - besiege Pronunciation
г. осаждать, обложить, окружить, облеплять
English - Turkish - besiege Pronunciation
f. kuşatmak, sıkıştırmak, yağmuruna tutmak (Argo)
English - Albanian - besiege Pronunciation
v. rrethoj
English - Dutch - besiege Pronunciation
ww. belegeren, bestormen
English - Greek - besiege Pronunciation
ρήμ. πολιορκώ, πιέζω
German - Turkish - besiege Pronunciation
dört bir yandan sarmak, çevirmek, sikistirmak, rahat vermemek, rahatsiz etmek, bunaltmak, sikmak
German - Dutch - besiege Pronunciation
English - Chinese - besiege Pronunciation
(动) 围攻; 包围, 围住; 围困; 烦扰, 困扰
English - Chinese - besiege Pronunciation
(動) 圍攻; 包圍, 圍住; 圍困; 煩擾, 困擾
English - Japanese - besiege Pronunciation
(動) 包囲する; 押し寄せる; 攻めたてる
English - Korean - besiege Pronunciation
동. 포위하다, 포위 공격하다, 둘러싸다
verb: harass, as with questions or requests Example:The press photographers besieged the movie star.
verb: surround so as to force to give up Example:The Turks besieged Vienna.
verb: cause to feel distressed or worried Example:She was besieged by so many problems that she got discouraged.
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Synonyms for besiege
assail: attack, strike, invade, charge, storm, assault
Verb forms for besiege
Present participle: besieging
Present: besiege (3.person: besieges)
Past: besieged
Future: will besiege
Present conditional: would besiege
Present Perfect: have besieged (3.person: has besieged)
Past Perfect: had besieged
Future Perfect: will have besieged
Past conditional: would have besieged