Definition of bevy Pronunciation
1. A large gathering of people of a particular type.
He was surrounded by a bevy of beauties in bathing attire.
A bevy of young beach boys swarmed around him.
2. A flock of birds (especially when gathered close together on the ground).
We were visited at breakfast by a bevy of excited ducks.
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English - English - bevy Pronunciation
n. group; cluster
English - Spanish - bevy Pronunciation
s. grupo; bandada; manada
English - French - bevy Pronunciation
n. bande, troupe, groupe; volée (oiseaux); harde (animaux)
English - German - bevy Pronunciation
n. Schwarm; Gruppe
English - Indonesian - bevy Pronunciation
n. rombongan, kawanan
English - Italian - bevy Pronunciation
s. stormo; branco; (fig) gruppo
English - Polish - bevy Pronunciation
n. grono, rój, stado
English - Portuguese - bevy Pronunciation
s. bando de pássaros; grupo
English - Romanian - bevy Pronunciation
n. societate de domnişoare, întrunire, cârd, stol
English - Russian - bevy Pronunciation
с. собрание, общество, стая, стадо
English - Turkish - bevy Pronunciation
i. kuş sürüsü; kız sürüsü, kızlar grubu
English - Ukrainian - bevy Pronunciation
n. компанія, зібрання, комплект
English - Dutch - bevy Pronunciation
zn. gezelschap (vrouwen); vogelvlucht
English - Greek - bevy Pronunciation
ουσ. σμήνος, πλήθος, σύναξη, συντροφιά
English - Arabic - bevy Pronunciation
‏سرب، عصبة‏
English - Chinese - bevy Pronunciation
(名) 一批, 一团, 一群
English - Chinese - bevy Pronunciation
(名) 一批, 一團, 一群
English - Hindi - bevy Pronunciation
n. झुंड
English - Japanese - bevy Pronunciation
(名) 一団; 群れ
English - Korean - bevy Pronunciation
명. 떼, 무리
English - Vietnamese - bevy Pronunciation
n. đám, đoàn

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Synonyms for bevy
group: flock, brood, company, covey, crowd, drove, flight