Definition of bigoted Pronunciation
1. Blindly and obstinately attached to some creed or opinion and intolerant toward others.
A bigoted person.
An outrageously bigoted point of view.
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English - English - bigoted Pronunciation
adj. intolerant of differing ideas and beliefs, prejudiced
English - Spanish - bigoted Pronunciation
adj. lleno de prejuicios, fanático, intolerante, santurrón
English - French - bigoted Pronunciation
adj. têtu, dogmatique
English - German - bigoted Pronunciation
adj. engstirnig, stur
English - Italian - bigoted Pronunciation
agg. bigotto; fanatico, fazioso, intollerante, settario
English - Portuguese - bigoted Pronunciation
adj. teimoso, cismado, dogmático
English - Russian - bigoted Pronunciation
прил. фанатический, нетерпимый
English - Turkish - bigoted Pronunciation
s. bağnaz, mutaassıp, yobaz, geri kafalı (Argo),
English - Dutch - bigoted Pronunciation
bn. dweepziek, fanatiek
English - Greek - bigoted Pronunciation
επίθ. φανατικός, προκατειλημμένος
English - Chinese - bigoted Pronunciation
(形) 固执的; 顽固的; 执迷的
English - Chinese - bigoted Pronunciation
(形) 固執的; 頑固的; 執迷的
English - Japanese - bigoted Pronunciation
(形) 頑固な, 偏屈な
English - Korean - bigoted Pronunciation
형. 고집 불통의

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