Definition of bill Pronunciation
1. Demand payment.
2. Publicize or announce by placards.
3. Advertise especially by posters or placards.
4. A piece of paper money (especially one issued by a central bank).
5. An itemized statement of money owed for goods shipped or services rendered.
He paid his bill and left.
6. A statute in draft before it becomes law.
7. A list of particulars (as a playbill or bill of fare).
8. A sign posted in a public place as an advertisement.
9. An advertisement (usually printed on a page or in a leaflet) intended for wide distribution.
10. A brim that projects to the front to shade the eyes.
He pulled down the bill of his cap and trudged ahead.
11. A long-handled saw with a curved blade.
He used a bill to prune branches off of the tree.
12. Horny projecting mouth of a bird.
13. The entertainment offered at a public presentation.
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English - English - bill Pronunciation
n. bank note, promissory note; invoice; beak; snout; headland, promontory; proposed law
v. charge; announce, advertise
n. male first name (form of William)
English - Spanish - bill Pronunciation
s. cuenta, factura, nota de débito, recibo; cartel, afiche, letrero; proyecto de ley, proyecto de ley parlamentaria; Guillermo; billete; pico de ave
v. facturar, cargar, cargar a la cuenta, cargar en cuenta; enviar la factura a, cobrar, pasar la cuenta a; poner en cartelera, anunciar, anunciar en cartelera
s. Bill, nombre propio masculino (variante de William o Guillermo)
English - French - bill Pronunciation
n. note, facture, mémoire, addition (restaurant); effet, billet, valeur, papier (Finances-Commerce); affiche, menu; feuille d'expédition; projet (Politique); proposition de loi; amendements;
v. afficher, annoncer, avertir; facturer (marchandises); mettre à l'affiche (spectacle);
n. Bill, prénom masculin (forme de William)
English - German - bill Pronunciation
n. Rechnung; Gesetzentwurf; Schnabel (Vogel); Landzunge; Ankerspitze; Hellebarde (historische Waffe)
v. ankündigen, bekanntmachen; Rechnung ausstellen
n. Bill, männlicher Vorname (Form von William)
English - Italian - bill Pronunciation
s. fattura, conto, nota; annuncio pubblicitario, manifesto, cartellone, affisso; lista, elenco; programma; locandina; disegno di legge, progetto legislativo; (Comm) cambiale, tratta; (Dir) documento
v. conto, fattura
s. Bill, nome proprio maschile e diminutivo di William, Guglielmo
English - Portuguese - bill Pronunciation
s. nota; conta; lista; relação; anúncio; projeto de lei
v. fatura, entregar a conta; avisar
s. Bill, nome próprio masculino (forma de William)
English - Russian - bill Pronunciation
с. банкнот, вексель; счет; список, инвентарь, документ, билль, законопроект, программа; афиша, плакат, реклама, рекламный листок; клюв; узкий мыс; носок якоря [мор.]; садовые ножницы; секач, топор, топорик, алебарда
г. предъявлять счет, объявлять
с. Билл
English - Turkish - bill Pronunciation
f. fatura etmek, fatura çıkarmak, afişe etmek; sevişmek, gagalarını sürterek sevişmek; ilan etmek
i. fatura, hesap, kâğıt para, banknot, senet, tahvil, afiş, poster, tiyatro programı, tasarı, beyanname, gaga, burun, uzantı, balta (eski), keser
French - English - bill Pronunciation
(m) n. Bill, male first name (form of William)
Dutch - English - bill Pronunciation
npr. bill
English - Dutch - bill Pronunciation
zn. biljet; rekening; origineel; droge taal; wetsvoorstel
ww. in rekening brengen
zn. Bill (voornaam); rekening
English - Greek - bill Pronunciation
ρήμ. τοιχοκολλώ διαφημιστικές αφίσες, στέλνω λογαριασμό
ουσ. ράμφος πτηνού, μεσαιωνικό δόρυ με λόγχη και πελέκι, νομοσχέδιο, επίσημο έγγραφο, πρόγραμμα, λογαριασμός, τιμολόγιο, γραμμάτιο, χαρτονόμισμα
English - Chinese - bill Pronunciation
(名) 帐单; 节目单; 目录, 清单; 票据#鸟嘴, 喙; 岬, 岬角; 形似鸟嘴的东西#钞票
(动) 给...开帐单; 在...贴海报; 要...付款; 贴海报宣布; 接嘴
English - Chinese - bill Pronunciation
(名) 帳單; 節目單; 目錄, 清單; 票據#鳥嘴, 喙; 岬, 岬角; 形似鳥嘴的東西#鈔票
(動) 給...開帳單; 在...貼海報; 要...付款; 貼海報宣佈; 接嘴
English - Japanese - bill Pronunciation
(動) 請求書を送る; ビラで広告する
(名) 勘定書, 請求書; ビラ; 紙幣; 議案; 手形; くちばし; くちばし状のもの
English - Korean - bill Pronunciation
명. 계산서, 청구서; 증권, 어음; 부리; 주둥이; 닻혀의 끝; 의안
동. ...에게 계산서를 보내다; 알리다, 광고하다
명. 빌, 남자이름
German - Chinese - bill Pronunciation

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Synonyms for bill
1. announcement: advertisement, broadside, bulletin, circular, handbill, notice, placard
2. account: statement, invoice, reckoning, tab, score
3. beak: projection, mandible, nib
4. proposed law: act, draft, law, measure, proposal
5. invoice: dun, solicit
6. announce: advertise, post, publicise, publicize, publish
Verb forms for bill
Present participle: billing
Present: bill (3.person: bills)
Past: billed
Future: will bill
Present conditional: would bill
Present Perfect: have billed (3.person: has billed)
Past Perfect: had billed
Future Perfect: will have billed
Past conditional: would have billed