Definition of birdbrain Pronunciation
1. Someone who is not very smart or clever.
That birdbrain just drove right through three rows of traffic cones and into the bushes.
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English - English - birdbrain Pronunciation
n. idiot; scatterbrain
English - Spanish - birdbrain Pronunciation
s. cabeza de chorlito, mentecato
English - French - birdbrain Pronunciation
n. cervelle de moineau, idiot, imbécile, personne sotte
English - German - birdbrain Pronunciation
n. Vogelgehirn
English - Italian - birdbrain Pronunciation
s. sciocco, sventato
English - Portuguese - birdbrain Pronunciation
s. aquele que tem cérebro pequeno
English - Russian - birdbrain Pronunciation
с. куриные мозги
English - Turkish - birdbrain Pronunciation
i. aptal, kuş beyinli (Argo)
English - Dutch - birdbrain Pronunciation
zn. bekrompen (denken)
English - Chinese - birdbrain Pronunciation
(名) 愚蠢; 轻佻的人
English - Chinese - birdbrain Pronunciation
(名) 愚蠢; 輕佻的人
English - Japanese - birdbrain Pronunciation
(名) 馬鹿, まぬけ

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