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English English - Definition of biting 
adj. sharp, stinging; sarcastic
n. nipping, nibbling; gnawing; morsel, small bit of food
Spanish English To Spanish - biting 
adj. corrosivo, acerado, acerbo, ácido, acre, que causa corrosión; mordaz, hiriente, sarcástico, sardónico, zahiriente
s. mordedura, tarascada; roedura
French English To French - biting 
adj. cuisant; âpre, perçant; cinglant, piquant; acéré; mordant, caustique (style); amer
n. morsure; morceau; bout (un petit peu); bouchée
German English To German - biting 
[bite] v. zubeißen; beißen; brennen
adj. beißend, stechend
n. Biß; Stückchen, Stück
Italian English To Italian - biting 
agg. pungente, tagliente, acuto; (fig) mordace, sarcastico, caustico
s. morso
Portuguese English To Portuguese - biting 
adj. perspicaz, picante, mordente, aguçado, sarcástico
s. mordida; corte
Russian English To Russian - biting 
прил. острый, едкий, резкий, язвительный, хлесткий
с. покусывание; кусочек
Turkish English To Turkish - biting 
s. acı; keskin, dokunaklı, alaylı, iğneleyici
i. ısırma, sokma
Albanian English To Albanian - biting 
adj. therës, thumbues, ashpër: i ashpër
Dutch English To Dutch - biting 
bn. scherp; scherpzinnig
zn. beet, hap
Greek English To Greek - biting 
επίθ. δηκτικός, δριμύς
ουσ. δάγκωμα
ChineseS English To ChineseS - biting 
(形) 尖锐刺人的; 辛辣的; 刺痛的; 嘲讽的
ChineseT English To ChineseT - biting 
(形) 尖銳刺人的; 辛辣的; 刺痛的; 嘲諷的
Japanese English To Japanese - biting 
(形) 身を切るような; 鋭い
(名) 挟むこと; かじること; かむこと; 一切れ
(動) 噛む; 噛んで作る; 刺す; 食う; えさに食いつく
Korean English To Korean - biting 
형. 물어뜯는, 날카로운; 통렬한
명. 물기, 깨물기, 물어뜯기
adjective: causing a sharply painful or stinging sensation; used especially of cold Example:A biting wind.
adjective: capable of wounding Example:A biting aphorism.


 Synonyms for biting
1. bitter: caustic, mordant, acrimonious, sarcastic, scornful, acerbic, scathing
2. sharp: tangy, sour, bitter, keen, pungent
3. snapping: gnawing, chewing, nipping

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