Definition of blackface Pronunciation
1. A style of theatrical makeup in which a white person blackens their face in order to portray a negro.
2. A sheep of the Scottish Blackface breed.
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English - English - blackface Pronunciation
n. theatrical makeup used by a performer impersonating a black person; performer who wears such makeup
English - Spanish - blackface Pronunciation
s. maquillaje del actor que interpreta el personaje de un negro (m), negrita (f)
English - French - blackface Pronunciation
n. visage charbonné
English - German - blackface Pronunciation
fette Schrift
English - Romanian - blackface Pronunciation
a. aldin
English - Russian - blackface Pronunciation
с. черномордое животное
English - Turkish - blackface Pronunciation
i. siyah baskı
English - Ukrainian - blackface Pronunciation
n. чорномордий: чорноморда тварина
a. чорномордий

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