Definition of blacksmith Pronunciation
1. A person who forges iron.
2. A person who shoes horses; a farrier.
3. A blackish fish of the Pacific coast (Chromis or Heliastes punctipinnis).
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English - English - blacksmith Pronunciation
n. person who works with iron, person who makes horseshoes
English - Spanish - blacksmith Pronunciation
s. herrero, herrador
English - French - blacksmith Pronunciation
n. forgeron, maréchal ferrant
English - German - blacksmith Pronunciation
n. Schmied
English - Indonesian - blacksmith Pronunciation
n. pandai besi
English - Italian - blacksmith Pronunciation
s. fabbro ferraio
English - Polish - blacksmith Pronunciation
n. kowal
English - Portuguese - blacksmith Pronunciation
s. ferreiro
English - Romanian - blacksmith Pronunciation
n. fierar, potcovar
English - Russian - blacksmith Pronunciation
с. кузнец
English - Turkish - blacksmith Pronunciation
i. nalbant, demirci
English - Ukrainian - blacksmith Pronunciation
n. коваль
English - Dutch - blacksmith Pronunciation
zn. smid; hoefsmid
English - Greek - blacksmith Pronunciation
ουσ. σιδηρουργός, πεταλκτής, γύφτος
English - Arabic - blacksmith Pronunciation
‏حداد صنعة‏
English - Chinese - blacksmith Pronunciation
(名) 铁匠, 锻工; 马蹄铁匠
English - Chinese - blacksmith Pronunciation
(名) 鐵匠, 鍛工; 馬蹄鐵匠
English - Hindi - blacksmith Pronunciation
n. लोहार, लुहार
a. लोहार का
English - Japanese - blacksmith Pronunciation
(名) かじ屋; 蹄鉄工
English - Korean - blacksmith Pronunciation
명. 대장장이, 편자를 만드는 사람
English - Vietnamese - blacksmith Pronunciation
n. thợ rèn

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