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Definition of blend

1. A mixture of two or more things.
Their music has been described as a blend of jazz and heavy metal.
Our department has a good blend of experienced workers and young promise.
2. A word formed by combining two other words; a grammatical contamination, portmanteau word.
The word brunch is a blend of the words breakfast and lunch.
3. To mingle; to mix; to unite intimately; to pass or shade insensibly into each other.
To make hummus you need to blend chickpeas, olive oil, lemon juice and garlic.
4. To be mingled or mixed.
5. To pollute by mixture or association; to spoil or corrupt; to blot; to stain.
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English - English - blend

n. mixture, combination
v. mix, merge, combine
v. blind, make unable to see; dazzle, blind with bright light; amaze, impress, fascinate

English - Spanish - blend

s. mezcla, combinación; aleación, preparado
v. mezclar, alear, aliar, amalgamar, combinar, emulsionar, fusionar, homogeneizar, homogenizar; matizar, dar un matiz a; mezclarse; poner armonía a

English - French - blend

n. mixture, mélange, combinaison
v. mélanger; faire un mélange, combiner; mixer

English - German - blend

n. Vermischung, Vermengung
v. vermengen, mischen

English - Indonesian - blend

n. campuran, paduan, perpaduan
v. mencampur, mencampurkan, mempercampurkan, melentukkan, membauri, cocok

English - Italian - blend

s. miscela, mistura; (fig) fusione, unione; sfumatura; (Mus) modulazione; (Gramm, Ling) composto ibrido
v. mescolare, mischiare; miscelare; sfumare; tagliare

English - Polish - blend

n. mieszanka, zestaw, melanż
v. łączyć, mieszać, połączyć się, zmieszać się, mięszać

English - Portuguese - blend

s. mistura, combinação
v. misturar, combinar, unir, fundir

English - Romanian - blend

n. amalgam, amestec
v. amalgama, amesteca, contopi, combina, îmbina, asorta, nuanţa, suda

English - Russian - blend

с. смесь, смешение, переход одного цвета или оттенка в другой
г. смешивать, изготовлять смесь, переходить из оттенка в оттенок, сочетаться, вписываться, смешиваться, гармонировать, стираться

English - Turkish - blend

f. harmanlamak, karıştırmak, karışmak, kaynaşmak, uyum sağlamak
i. harman, harmanlama, karışım

English - Ukrainian - blend

n. суміш, купаж, змішування
v. змішувати, купажувати, сполучатися, вливати, мішати

Turkish - English - blend

n. mixture, combination
v. mix, merge, combine
v. blind, make unable to see; dazzle, blind with bright light; amaze, impress, fascinate

English - Dutch - blend

zn. mengsel; (grammatica) portmanteau-woord (woord gevormd door samenvoegen van twee woorden, bv. brunch (breakfast + lunch))
ww. (zich) vermengen, harmoniëren

English - Greek - blend

ουσ. μείγμα, συγχώνευση, κράμα, συνδυασμός
ρήμ. συνδυάζω, ανακατεύω, αναμειγνύω, συγχωνεύω, συγχωνεύομαι

English - Arabic - blend

‏مزيج، توليفة، دمج، خليط‏
‏مزج، إنسجم، دمج شيئين، أتلف‏

English - Chinese - blend

(名) 混合, 混杂; 混合物, 混合品; 交融
(动) 使混和, 使混杂; 染黑的毛; 使交融; 混和, 混杂; 协调, 相称; 交融

English - Chinese - blend

(名) 混合, 混雜; 混合物, 混合品; 交融
(動) 使混和, 使混雜; 染黑的毛; 使交融; 混和, 混雜; 協調, 相稱; 交融

English - Hindi - blend

n. सिम्मश्र्रण, मिश्रण
v. मिलाना, मिलना, मिश्रित करना

English - Japanese - blend

(名) 混合; 混合物
(動) 混ぜ合わせる

English - Korean - blend

명. 혼합, 혼합물, 혼성어
동. 섞다, 조제하다, 섞이다

English - Vietnamese - blend

v. trộn, lẫn lộn nhau, pha trộn nhau
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Synonyms for blend
1. combine: mix, merge, mingle, admix, amalgamate, fuse, commingle
2. combination: concoction, compound, mixture, amalgam, preparation, amalgamation
Verb forms for blend
Present participle: blending
Present: blend (3.person: blends)
Past: blended
Future: will blend
Present conditional: would blend
Present Perfect: have blended (3.person: has blended)
Past Perfect: had blended
Future Perfect: will have blended
Past conditional: would have blended