adj. blockaded, barricaded, obstructed
English - Spanish - blocked Pronunciation
adj. bloqueado, embarazado, interceptado
English - French - blocked Pronunciation
adj. bloqué, barricadé, obstrué; assiégé
English - German - blocked Pronunciation
[block] v. blockieren, versperren, verstopfen; verhindern; abblocken
adj. verstopft, versperrt
English - Italian - blocked Pronunciation
agg. bloccato
English - Portuguese - blocked Pronunciation
adj. bloqueio
English - Russian - blocked Pronunciation
прил. блокированный, загороженный
English - Turkish - blocked Pronunciation
s. tıkalı, bloke edilmiş
English - Albanian - blocked Pronunciation
adj. bllokuar: i bllokuar, ndaluar: i ndaluar
English - Dutch - blocked Pronunciation
bn. geblokkeerd
English - Greek - blocked Pronunciation
[block] ρήμ. εμποδίζω, κωλύω, φράσσω, παρεμποδίζω, φορμάρω
English - Chinese - blocked Pronunciation
(形) 在毒品作用下的; 被封锁的; 堵塞的
English - Chinese - blocked Pronunciation
(形) 在毒品作用下的; 被封鎖的; 堵塞的
English - Japanese - blocked Pronunciation
(形) ふさがった
(動) ふさぐ; 妨げる; 使用を制限する
English - Korean - blocked Pronunciation
형. 막힌, 장애물로 막힌
adjective: completely obstructed or closed off Example:The storm was responsible for many blocked roads and bridges.
adjective: closed to traffic Example:The repaving results in many blocked streets.
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Synonyms for blocked
dead end: closed, obstructed, blind, shut off