Definition of blustery Pronunciation
1. Blowing in loud and abrupt bursts
Currently, there are blustery winds blowing in Patagonia.
Today is such a cold blustery day!
2. A gusty storm with strong sudden rushes of wind.
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English - English - blustery Pronunciation
adj. stormy; windy, blowing strongly
English - Spanish - blustery Pronunciation
adj. borrascoso
English - French - blustery Pronunciation
adj. déchaîné; furieux; tempétueux, venteux; violent
English - German - blustery Pronunciation
adj. brausend; stark blasend (Wind)
English - Indonesian - blustery Pronunciation
a. kencang, menggertak: yg menggertak
English - Italian - blustery Pronunciation
agg. tempestoso, agitato
English - Polish - blustery Pronunciation
a. przenikliwy
English - Portuguese - blustery Pronunciation
adj. tempestuoso; enfurecido
English - Russian - blustery Pronunciation
прил. бурный, бушующий, буйный; задиристый, шумливый, хвастливый
English - Turkish - blustery Pronunciation
sert rüzgarli
English - Ukrainian - blustery Pronunciation
a. галасливий, хвастовитий
English - Dutch - blustery Pronunciation
bn. razen, bulderen
English - Greek - blustery Pronunciation
επίθ. βίαιος, θορυβωδώς
English - Arabic - blustery Pronunciation
‏متهيج، تبجح‏
English - Chinese - blustery Pronunciation
(形) 大风的; 狂暴的; 吵闹的
English - Chinese - blustery Pronunciation
(形) 大風的; 狂暴的; 吵鬧的
English - Hindi - blustery Pronunciation
a. धमकी से
English - Japanese - blustery Pronunciation
(形) 風の吹きすさぶ; 強風の
English - Korean - blustery Pronunciation
형. 세차게 몰아치는; 폭풍우 치는
English - Vietnamese - blustery Pronunciation
n. sự làm bộ, sự thẹn, sự làm phách

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Synonyms for blustery
gusty: breezy, airy, windy, puffy, squally, stormy