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English English - Definition of bobsleigh 
n. bobsled, type of sled used in snow
v. ride on a bobsled (type of sled)
n. bobsleigh, bobsled
Spanish English To Spanish - bobsleigh 
v. trineo
French English To French - bobsleigh 
n. bobsleigh, traîneau équipé d'un volant de direction utilisé pour glisser sur la neige
v. faire du bobsleigh (sorte de traineau)
German English To German - bobsleigh 
n. Bob (schlitten)
v. Schlitten fahren
Italian English To Italian - bobsleigh 
s. "bob", guidoslitta
v. salire sul raschiatoio
Portuguese English To Portuguese - bobsleigh 
s. trenó
v. andar em um trenó
Russian English To Russian - bobsleigh 
с. бобслей
Turkish English To Turkish - bobsleigh 
i. yarış kızağı
English French To English - bobsleigh 
(m) n. bobsleigh, bobsled
English Spanish To English - bobsleigh 
n. bobsleigh, bobsled
Dutch English To Dutch - bobsleigh 
zn. bobslee
ww. in een slee rijden
Greek English To Greek - bobsleigh 
ουσ. έλκηθρο
Dutch French To Dutch - bobsleigh 
(sports) bob (m/f); bobslee (m/f)
ChineseS English To ChineseS - bobsleigh 
(名) 长橇; 连橇
ChineseT English To ChineseT - bobsleigh 
(名) 長橇; 連橇
Japanese English To Japanese - bobsleigh 
(動) ボブスレーに乗る
(名) 二連ぞり; ボブスレー; 二連ぞりの一方
Korean English To Korean - bobsleigh 
명. 봅슬레이
Italian French To Italian - bobsleigh 
(sports) bob (m); guidoslitta (f)
Portuguese French To Portuguese - bobsleigh 
(sports) trenó (m)
Spanish French To Spanish - bobsleigh 
(sports) trineo de carreras
Turkish French To Turkish - bobsleigh 
[le] bob, uzun kızak
Korean Spanish To Korean - bobsleigh 
n. 봅슬레이
noun: a long racing sled (for 2 or more people) with a steering mechanism
noun: formerly two short sleds coupled together


Tenses for bobsleigh
Present participle: bobsleighing
Present: bobsleigh (3.person: bobsleighs)
Past: bobsleighed
Future: will bobsleigh
Present conditional: would bobsleigh
Present Perfect: have bobsleighed (3.person: has bobsleighed)
Past Perfect: had bobsleighed
Future Perfect: will have bobsleighed
Past conditional: would have bobsleighed

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