Definition of boundless Pronunciation
1. Seemingly boundless in amount, number, degree, or especially extent.
Children with boundless energy.
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English - English - boundless Pronunciation
adj. borderless, enormous, unrestricted
English - Spanish - boundless Pronunciation
adj. ilimitable, ilimitado, infinito, inmensurable, sin fin, sin límites
English - French - boundless Pronunciation
adj. sans bornes; illimité, infini, énorme, sans restriction; absolu
English - German - boundless Pronunciation
adj. grenzenlos, riesig
English - Italian - boundless Pronunciation
agg. infinito, illimitato, sconfinato, sterminato; incontenibile, senza limiti
English - Portuguese - boundless Pronunciation
adj. sem limites
English - Russian - boundless Pronunciation
прил. безграничный, бескрайний, беспредельный, необозримый, безбрежный
English - Turkish - boundless Pronunciation
s. sınırsız, sonsuz, engin
English - Dutch - boundless Pronunciation
bn. grenzeloos, eindeloos
English - Greek - boundless Pronunciation
επίθ. απέραντος, απεριόριστος, ανεξάντλητος
English - Chinese - boundless Pronunciation
(形) 无限的
English - Chinese - boundless Pronunciation
(形) 無限的
English - Japanese - boundless Pronunciation
(形) 限りない
English - Korean - boundless Pronunciation
형. 무한한

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Synonyms for boundless
limitless: unlimited, infinite, eternal, indefinite, endless, immeasurable