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English English - Definition of bouquet 
n. bunch of flowers, nosegay; fragrance of a wine; compliment
n. bouquet, bunch
n. bouquet, bunch of flowers; aroma, smell, fragrance
Spanish English To Spanish - bouquet 
s. ramillete, bouquet, buqué, ramillete de flores; cumplido, fragancia, aroma
French English To French - bouquet 
n. bouquet de fleurs; arôme du vin, bouquet (vin); compliment
German English To German - bouquet 
n. Blumenstrauß, Weingeruch, Kompliment
Italian English To Italian - bouquet 
s. mazzo di fiori; (fig) complimento; bouquet, aroma, profumo
Portuguese English To Portuguese - bouquet 
s. buquê; ramalhete; elogio; perfume; toque do vinho
Russian English To Russian - bouquet 
с. букет, аромат, комплимент
Turkish English To Turkish - bouquet 
i. buket, demet, çiçek demeti, deste; şarap kokusu; iltifat, kompliman, övgü
English French To English - bouquet 
(m) n. bouquet, bunch
English German To English - bouquet 
n. bunch of flowers, nosegay; fragrance of a wine; compliment
English Italian To English - bouquet 
n. bouquet, bunch of flowers; aroma, smell, fragrance
English Spanish To English - bouquet 
n. bouquet, bunch of flowers
English Dutch To English - bouquet 
n. bouquet
Albanian English To Albanian - bouquet 
n. tufë lulesh
Dutch English To Dutch - bouquet 
zn. boeket, bos bloemen; geur en smaak (v. wijn)
Greek English To Greek - bouquet 
ουσ. μπουκέτο, ανθοδέσμη
French Dutch To French - bouquet 
(ruiken) bouquet (m); arôme (m)
Dutch French To Dutch - bouquet 
1. (collection) groep (m/f)
2. (crustacés) steurgarnaal (m); steurkrab (m)
3. (fleurs) boeket (m/n); ruiker (m); tuil (m); bos (m) 4. (sentir) bouquet (n)
ChineseS English To ChineseS - bouquet 
(名) 花束
ChineseT English To ChineseT - bouquet 
(名) 花束
Japanese English To Japanese - bouquet 
(名) 花束; 香り; 誉め言葉
Korean English To Korean - bouquet 
명. 꽃다발; 포도주 향기; 듣기 좋은 말
German French To German - bouquet 
n. blume, würze, felsengarnele, garnele, strauß, blumenstrauß, biedermeiersträucher, busch, bund, sträußchen, bukett, gebinde
Italian French To Italian - bouquet 
1. (collection) mazzo (m); sacco (m); gruppo fitto
2. (crustacés) gambero (m); gamberone (m)
3. (fleurs) bouquet (m); mazzo (m) 4. (sentir) bouquet {invariable}
Portuguese French To Portuguese - bouquet 
1. (collection) porção (m); monte (m)
2. (crustacés) pitu (m)
3. (fleurs) buquê (m); ramo (m); punhado (m) 4. (sentir) buquê (m); aroma (m)
Russian French To Russian - bouquet 
n. букет (m), пучок (m)
Spanish French To Spanish - bouquet 
1. (collection) mata (f); grupo (m)
2. (crustacés) gamba (f)
3. (fleurs) buqué (m); ramo (m) 4. (sentir) aroma (m)
Turkish French To Turkish - bouquet 
[le] demet, buket; sonuç, vargı; iri karides
German Italian To German - bouquet 
n. bukett
German Spanish To German - bouquet 
n. blume
noun: an arrangement of flowers that is usually given as a present
noun: a pleasingly sweet olfactory property
name: A surname (very rare: popularity rank in the U.S.: #44460)


 Synonyms for bouquet
1. scent: fragrance, aroma, odour, smell
2. bunch: garland, wreath, spray

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