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Definition of break

1. (geology) a crack in the earth's crust resulting from the displacement of one side with respect to the other.
They built it right over a geological fault.
He studied the faulting of the earth's crust.
2. Breaking of hard tissue such as bone.
It was a nasty fracture.
The break seems to have been caused by a fall.
3. Weaken or destroy in spirit or body.
His resistance was broken.
A man broken by the terrible experience of near-death.
4. Diminish or discontinue abruptly.
The patient's fever broke last night.
5. Fracture a bone of.
I broke my foot while playing hockey.
6. Render inoperable or ineffective.
You broke the alarm clock when you took it apart!.
7. Crack; of the male voice in puberty.
His voice is breaking--he should no longer sing in the choir.
8. Make submissive, obedient, or useful.
The horse was tough to break.
I broke in the new intern.
9. Be broken in.
If the new teacher won't break, we'll add some stress.
10. Fall sharply.
Stock prices broke.
11. Become separated into pieces or fragments.
The figurine broke.
The freshly baked loaf fell apart.
12. Become fractured; break or crack on the surface only.
The glass cracked when it was heated.
13. Destroy the integrity of; usually by force; cause to separate into pieces or fragments.
He broke the glass plate.
She broke the match.
14. Happen.
Report the news as it develops.
These political movements recrudesce from time to time.
15. Prevent completion.
Stop the project.
Break off the negotiations.
16. Terminate.
She interrupted her pregnancy.
Break a lucky streak.
Break the cycle of poverty.
17. Lessen in force or effect.
Soften a shock.
Break a fall.
18. Stop operating or functioning.
The engine finally went.
The car died on the road.
The bus we travelled in broke down on the way to town.
The coffee maker broke.
The engine failed on the way to town.
Her eyesight went after the accident.
19. A time interval during which there is a temporary cessation of something.
20. A personal or social separation (as between opposing factions).
They hoped to avoid a break in relations.
21. An unexpected piece of good luck.
He finally got his big break.
22. The occurrence of breaking.
The break in the dam threatened the valley.
23. Some abrupt occurrence that interrupts an ongoing activity.
The telephone is an annoying interruption.
There was a break in the action when a player was hurt.
24. An abrupt change in the tone or register of the voice (as at puberty or due to emotion).
Then there was a break in her voice.
25. An escape from jail.
The breakout was carefully planned.
26. Any frame in which a bowler fails to make a strike or spare.
The break in the eighth frame cost him the match.
27. The act of breaking something.
The breakage was unavoidable.
28. An act of delaying or interrupting the continuity.
It was presented without commercial breaks.
There was a gap in his account.
29. A sudden dash.
He made a break for the open door.
30. (tennis) a score consisting of winning a game when your opponent was serving.
He was up two breaks in the second set.
31. The opening shot that scatters the balls in billiards or pool.
32. A pause from doing something (as work).
We took a 10-minute break.
He took time out to recuperate.
33. Go to pieces.
The lawn mower finally broke.
The gears wore out.
The old chair finally fell apart completely.
34. Ruin completely.
He busted my radio!.
35. Break a piece from a whole.
Break a branch from a tree.
36. Surpass in excellence.
She bettered her own record.
Break a record.
37. Pierce or penetrate.
The blade broke her skin.
38. Become punctured or penetrated.
The skin broke.
39. Cease an action temporarily.
We pause for station identification.
Let's break for lunch.
40. Interrupt the flow of current in.
Break a circuit.
41. Be released or become known; of news.
News of her death broke in the morning.
42. Make known to the public information that was previously known only to a few people or that was meant to be kept a secret.
The auction house would not disclose the price at which the van Gogh had sold.
The actress won't reveal how old she is.
Bring out the truth.
He broke the news to her.
Unwrap the evidence in the murder case.
43. Find the solution or key to.
Break the code.
44. Find a flaw in.
Break an alibi.
Break down a proof.
45. Undergo breaking.
The simple vowels broke in many Germanic languages.
46. Come into being.
Light broke over the horizon.
Voices broke in the air.
47. Change suddenly from one tone quality or register to another.
Her voice broke to a whisper when she started to talk about her children.
48. Make the opening shot that scatters the balls.
49. Destroy the completeness of a set of related items.
The book dealer would not break the set.
50. Exchange for smaller units of money.
I had to break a $100 bill just to buy the candy.
51. Separate from a clinch, in boxing.
The referee broke the boxers.
52. Force out or release suddenly and often violently something pent up.
Break into tears.
Erupt in anger.
53. Do a break dance.
Kids were break-dancing at the street corner.
54. Scatter or part.
The clouds broke after the heavy downpour.
55. Make a rupture in the ranks of the enemy or one's own by quitting or fleeing.
The ranks broke.
56. Emerge from the surface of a body of water.
The whales broke.
57. Break down, literally or metaphorically.
The wall collapsed.
The business collapsed.
The dam broke.
The roof collapsed.
The wall gave in.
The roof finally gave under the weight of the ice.
58. Curl over and fall apart in surf or foam, of waves.
The surf broke.
59. Change directions suddenly.
60. Move away or escape suddenly.
The horses broke from the stable.
Three inmates broke jail.
Nobody can break out--this prison is high security.
61. Reduce to bankruptcy.
My daughter's fancy wedding is going to break me!.
The slump in the financial markets smashed him.
62. Assign to a lower position; reduce in rank.
She was demoted because she always speaks up.
He was broken down to Sergeant.
63. Discontinue an association or relation; go different ways.
The business partners broke over a tax question.
The couple separated after 25 years of marriage.
My friend and I split up.
64. Interrupt a continued activity.
She had broken with the traditional patterns.
65. Invalidate by judicial action.
The will was broken.
66. Act in disregard of laws, rules, contracts, or promises.
Offend all laws of humanity.
Violate the basic laws or human civilization.
Break a law.
Break a promise.
67. Enter someone's (virtual or real) property in an unauthorized manner, usually with the intent to steal or commit a violent act.
Someone broke in while I was on vacation.
They broke into my car and stole my radio!.
Who broke into my account last night?.
68. Cause the failure or ruin of.
His peccadilloes finally broke his marriage.
This play will either make or break the playwright.
69. Happen or take place.
Things have been breaking pretty well for us in the past few months.
70. Come forth or begin from a state of latency.
The first winter storm broke over New York.
71. Fail to agree with; be in violation of; as of rules or patterns.
This sentence violates the rules of syntax.
72. Give up.
Break cigarette smoking.
73. Cause to give up a habit.
She finally broke herself of smoking cigarettes.
74. Vary or interrupt a uniformity or continuity.
The flat plain was broken by tall mesas.
75. Come to an end.
The heat wave finally broke yesterday.
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English - English - break

n. fracture; pause, intermission; crack; opportunity; alteration; divider between one part of a document and another (Computers)
v. smash into pieces, shatter, crack; be smashed into pieces; be cut off; force into; stop, cancel
n. break, pause, intermission; (Computers) completion of a previous part and starting of a new part of a document

English - Spanish - break

s. suspensión, corte, discontinuidad, pausa, receso; quebradura, rotura; (inform.) pausa, intervalo, interrupción; fin e inicio de una nueva parte en el monitor o pantalla
v. romper, agrietar, desunir, forzar, fraccionar, fracturar, quebrar, resquebrajar, reventar; averiar, desbaratar, descacharrar, quebrarse, dividirse, partirse, troncharse; arruinarse, entrar en quiebra

Spanish - English - break

n. break dancing

English - French - break

n. brisure, cassure; percée, brèche; éclaircie (nuage); rupture (circuit); fracture; coupure (TV); pause, répit, arrêt; intervalle, récréation; interruption, panne; pause (Musique); break (jazz); opportunité, chance, occasion; passage de transition de passage document à un autre (Informatique)
v. casser; briser; rompre; se détacher, se dégager; fracturer; enfreindre,violer, ne pas respecter; manquer à; interrompre, couper (courant); franchir; amortir, arrêter; défermer (Nautique); annuler; se briser; se casser; éclater; se détacher, se dégager; battre (Textile)

English - German - break

n. Unterbrechung, Bruch, Sprung, Lücke, Spalte, Riß; (Comput) Endung und Anfang eines neuen Teiles im Text
v. unterbrechen; brechen; zerbrechen; zerstören; abbrechen

English - Indonesian - break

n. patahan, keretakan, istirahat, selaan, tempo, pemutusan, putusnya, perubahan, kesempatan, untung, nasib
v. memecah, memecahkan, mematahkan, memutuskan, merusakkan, memungkiri, melanggar, menghentikan, menukarkan, meneruskan, menguraikan isi kode, membobol, mulai

English - Italian - break

s. rottura; intervallo; tregua; opportunità; cambiamento; (inform.) passaggio, termine e inizio di una parte nuova sullo schermo
v. rompere, spaccare, spezzare; (fig) violare, infrangere; fratturare; provocare la rottura di; interrompere; mettere fine a; distruggere, stroncare, schiantare, frantumare; (fig) esaurire, fiaccare

English - Polish - break

n. brek, mutowanie, rozłam, bryczka, załamanie, złamanie, odłamanie, połamanie, przerwanie, rozbicie się, rozbicie, przerwa, pauza, ryzalit, luka, przełamanie, zmiana, przejaśnienie, urwanie się, wytchnienie, rozbrat, poróżnienie
v. przerwać, łamać się, zepsuć się, łamać, bankrutować, degradować, nałamać, nadłamać, natłuc, odbić, odsunąć, połamać, pogruchotać, porozbijać, potrzaskać, przebić, przetrącić, przyjść, rozłamać, wyłamać, wytłuc, zbić, zdekompletować, złamać, rozbić, rozmienić, rozwalać, potłuc, tłuc, stłuc, łagodzić, przełamać, odzwyczaić, pękać, zerwać
v. przerywać, nałamywać, nadłamywać, odbijać, odsuwać, przebijać, przychodzić, wyłamywać, wytłukiwać, zbijać, rozmieniać, przełamywać, odzwyczajać, pęknąć, zrywać

English - Portuguese - break

s. fratura; intervalo, trégua; arrombamento, invasão; oportunidade; modificação, mudança; (informática) passagem, final e começo de uma parte nova no documento
v. quebrar; romper; violar; interromper; cancelar; falir

English - Romanian - break

n. ruptură, spărtură, breşă, despicătură, crăpătură, plesnitură, poiană, schimbare a vocii, trecere bruscă, evadare, recreaţie, pauză {tehn.}, gafă {fam.}, prăbuşire, scădere a preţurilor, obrăznicie, posibilitate {fam.}
v. sparge, crăpa, ciocni, frânge, sparge: se sparge, rupe, strica, zdrobi, rupe: se rupe, frânge: se frânge, ruina: se ruina, încălca, sfâşia, înfrânge, sfărâma în bucăţi, fractura, termina cu, stinge: se stinge, ruina sănătatea cuiva, plesni, face o spărtură în, opri, concasa, curma, interpune: se interpune, întrerupe, înceta, opri: se opri
v. călca, ştirbi, dezbate, viola, dizolva, lăsa, dispensa, dispensa: se dispensa, dispersa: se dispersa, împrăştia: se împrăştia, îndepărta: se îndepărta, declanşa: se declanşa, împrăştia, da buzna înăuntru, da faliment, da în vileag, da în vileag veştile, detaşa de, sări, face cunoscut, forţa, pătrunde cu forţa în, jefui o bancă, îndulci, apărea

English - Russian - break

с. пролом, разрыв; отверстие, щель, трещина; перерыв, пауза, перемена; тире, многоточие; раскол; ошибка, обмолвка; внезапное падение цен; шанс, возможность; большое количество; расслоение жидкости; прекращение боя, открытый экипаж; разделитель между частями документа [комп.]
г. ломать, поломаться; разломить, задираться, взламывать, разбить, разбиваться, разрывать, разрываться, рвать, рваться; разрушать, разрушаться; нарушить, прерывать, сепарировать

English - Turkish - break

f. kırmak, koparmak, bozdurmak, bozmak, kırılmak, parçalanmak, kopmak, patlamak; ara vermek; ağarmak, batmak; iflas etmek; fırlamak; yakın dövüşü bırakmak; çiğnemek; kaçmak, kesmek, ihlal etmek, uymamak, batırmak, çözmek, söylemek, yenmek, dalmak
i. kırma, kırılma, kırık, çatlak; ara, mola, teneffüs; ani fiyat düşüşü, fırsat, solo bölüm (caz); gaf, pot, kaçma, firar, fren

English - Ukrainian - break

n. пролом, розколина, отвір, тріщина, проламування, прорив, перерва, пауза, розкол, розрив відносин, шанс, нагода: щаслива нагода, вилім, злам, перелом
v. ламати, розбивати, розривати, переривати, псувати, починати, вибухати, вириватися, порушувати, розоряти, загальмувати, зломити, ламатися, ломити, лопатися, лускати, нарушати, перебивати, переламати, перетиратися, побити, порватися, проламувати, проломити, рватися, розбиватися, розбити, роздробляти, розломлювати

French - English - break

(m) n. brake, break

Italian - English - break

n. Break key, key on certain keyboards which is used to stop the current computer operation; break, pause

English - Dutch - break

zn. onderbreking; doorbraak; pauze; inbraak; kans; wijziging; (in computers) overbrugging, stoppen en starten van een nieuw deel in een document
ww. breken; stuk slaan; verbreken; inbreken; stoppen, aflasten

English - Greek - break

ουσ. διακοπή, διάσπαση, θραύση
ρήμ. δαμάζω, παραβιάζω, ρηγνύω, θραύω, σπάζω

French - Spanish - break

(automobiles) camioneta (f)

French - German - break

n. kombi, kombiwagen

French - Italian - break

(automobiles) giardinetta (f)

French - Portuguese - break

(automobiles) caminhonete de passageiros

French - Turkish - break

[le] brik arabası

German - Italian - break

intrj. separarsi!

French - Dutch - break

(automobiles) stationcar (m); combiwagen (m)

English - Arabic - break

‏إستراحة، فرصة، كسر، ثعرة، إندفاع، إنطلاق، محاولة هرب، إنبلاج، البياض فراغ بين فقرتين، علامة الحذف هي ثلاث نقاط، إنقطاع متعمد في التليفزيون، التغير، تغير ملحوظ في الطريقة، راحة قصيرة، فاصل، فجوة‏
‏خرق، تقطع، تكسر، جرح، أفسي، إنتهك، نقض، إقتحم، شق طريقه، فر من، ترك، فرق الشمل، سحق، روض، عود، أضعف، أرهق، فلس، وقعه في الأفلاس، نزل رتبته، كسر إضرابا، حطم، تفوق، دحض، خفض السعر، أوقف، وضع حدا، قطع الصمت، جزأ، إستبدل قطع النقد، شق سطح كذا، نصحه، فضى بمكنون صدره، بلغ، أذاع، غير إتجاه شىء ما، قطع، كسر، فصل، إنفجر‏

English - Chinese - break

(名) 破裂, 破碎; 间隔, 中间休息; 爆破声; 机会; 修改; 档案一部分和另一部分之间的分隔工具 (计算机用语)
(动) 打破; 使碎裂; 折断; 毁坏, 弄坏; 破碎; 断裂; 破裂; 破掉, 被损坏

English - Chinese - break

(名) 破裂處#休息
(動) 打破; 使碎裂; 折斷; 毀壞, 弄壞; 破碎; 斷裂; 破裂; 破掉, 被損壞

English - Hindi - break

n. दरार, अंतराल, भंजन, घिसघिस
v. तोड़ना, तुड़ाना, चूरचूर करना, चूर डालना, नष्ट करना, पालन न करना, भंग करना, उल्लंघन करना, सेंध लगाना, टूट जाना, रोक लेना

English - Japanese - break

(動) 壊す; 砕く; 割る; 故障させる; 切る; 折る; すりむく; 壊して開ける; 骨折する; 脱出する
(名) 破損, 破れ; 骨折; 裂け目; 中断, とぎれ; 断絶; 休憩; (コンピュータ)文書の区切り

English - Korean - break

명. 갈라진 틈, 단절, 잠깐의 휴식, 탈출, 꺾이는 점, 폭락, 실책, 기회, 초구, 변화, 어린 말의 훈련용 마차
동. 깨뜨리다, 파괴하다, 부수다, 부러뜨리다; 산산히 부서지다; 중단되다; 침입하다; 그만두다, 멈추다

English - Vietnamese - break

n. vở, bể, nứt, gảy, sự cho nghỉ giải lao
v. đập bể, bẻ gảy

German - Chinese - break

[der] pl.Breaks 停止。中断。
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Verb forms for break
Present participle: breaking
Present: break (3.person: breaks)
Past: broke
Future: will break
Present conditional: would break
Present Perfect: have broken (3.person: has broken)
Past Perfect: had broken
Future Perfect: will have broken
Past conditional: would have broken