Definition of bridesman Pronunciation
1. A man who attends a bride during her wedding ceremony, as part of the wedding party.
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English - English - bridesman Pronunciation
n. "best man", man attending a bridegroom and bride at their wedding ceremony
English - French - bridesman Pronunciation
n. garçon d'honneur
English - Italian - bridesman Pronunciation
s. testimone dello sposo
English - Polish - bridesman Pronunciation
n. drużba
English - Portuguese - bridesman Pronunciation
s. padrinho da noiva
English - Romanian - bridesman Pronunciation
n. primul cavaler de onoare
English - Russian - bridesman Pronunciation
с. шафер
English - Turkish - bridesman Pronunciation
i. sağdıç
English - Dutch - bridesman Pronunciation
zn. ceremoniemeester, iemand die bruid en bruidegom op hun huwelijksceremonie begeleidt
English - Greek - bridesman Pronunciation
(Lex**) παδρηνο δε ψοδα
English - Korean - bridesman Pronunciation
명. 신랑 들러리
English - Vietnamese - bridesman Pronunciation
n. rể phụ

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