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English English - Definition of brilliant 
adj. outstanding, splendid, shining; clever, very intelligent
Spanish English To Spanish - brilliant 
adj. brillante, fulgurante, luminoso, radiante, refulgente, resplandeciente, rutilante; genial, esclarecido, preclaro; soleado
French English To French - brilliant 
adj. intense, brillant (éclairage); éclatant, brillant; lumineux; splendide; habile, très doué, très intelligent; excellent; éminent
German English To German - brilliant 
adj. brillant, strahlend; genial
Italian English To Italian - brilliant 
agg. brillante, lucente, splendente, luminoso; fulgido, magnifico; (fig) di talento, geniale, illustre; vivo, vivace, acceso
Portuguese English To Portuguese - brilliant 
adj. brilhante, refulgente
Russian English To Russian - brilliant 
прил. блестящий, сверкающий, выдающийся, блистательный
Turkish English To Turkish - brilliant 
i. pırlanta, üç puntoluk harf
s. parlak, keskin zekâlı, berrak, ışıl ışıl, zeki, parlak zekâlı, görkemli
English German To English - brilliant 
adj. outstanding, splendid, shining; clever, very intelligent
Albanian English To Albanian - brilliant 
n. diamant
adj. ndritshëm: i ndritshëm, shkëlqyer: i shkëlqyer, shndritshëm: i shndritshëm, madhështor
Dutch English To Dutch - brilliant 
bn. briljant; schitterend
Greek English To Greek - brilliant 
ουσ. είδος αδαμάντος, διαμάντι, αδαμάντας
επίθ. λαμπρός, λαμπρότατος, στιλπνότατος
ChineseS English To ChineseS - brilliant 
(形) 灿烂的, 有才气的
ChineseT English To ChineseT - brilliant 
(形) 燦爛的, 有才氣的
Japanese English To Japanese - brilliant 
(形) 光り輝く; 色鮮やかな; 立派な; 優れた; 聡明な
Korean English To Korean - brilliant 
형. 빛나는, 찬란한; 훌륭한, 재기가 뛰어난
Turkish German To Turkish - brilliant 
isil isil, piril piril, parlak, görkemli, hayranlik uyandirici, zeki, nefis, harika, pirlanta
adjective: characterized by or attended with brilliance or grandeur Example:The brilliant court life at Versailles.
adjective: of surpassing excellence Example:A brilliant performance.
adjective: full of light; shining intensely Example:A brilliant star.
adjective: having or marked by unusual and impressive intelligence Example:A brilliant mind.
adjective: clear and sharp and ringing Example:The brilliant sound of the trumpets.


 Synonyms for brilliant
1. intelligent: profound, excellent, ingenious, glorious, splendid, eminent, penetrating
2. dazzling: bright, gleaming, sparkling, shiny, effulgent

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