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English English - Definition of buffeting 
n. pounding; shaking of part or the whole airplane during flight due to strong winds; continued strong blows of winds or waves; act of hitting with the hand
Spanish English To Spanish - buffeting 
[buffet] v. abofetear, batir a golpes, golpear, golpear duramente a, zarandear
French English To French - buffeting 
n. martelage; tremblement des parties d'un avion en situation de vents violents; battement, fait de frapper avec la main; succession de coups ou de chocs
German English To German - buffeting 
[buffet] v. rammen, schlagen; kämpfen mit
n. Stoßen; das Wackeln eines Flugzeugs während des Flugs bei starkem Wind; kontinuierliche starke Winde oder Windwellen; Schlagen mit der Hand
Italian English To Italian - buffeting 
s. schiaffeggiamento di una nave dalle onde o di un aereo dai forti venti; continui scossoni dovuti a colpi di vento o di onde
Portuguese English To Portuguese - buffeting 
s. forte turbulência (em avião); ventos ou ondas contínuas; palmadas
Russian English To Russian - buffeting 
[buffet] г. наносить удары, бить; бороться, протискиваться, проталкиваться
Turkish English To Turkish - buffeting 
[buffet] f. tokat atmak, yumruklamak, sarsmak, boğuşmak, mücâdele etmek
Dutch English To Dutch - buffeting 
zn. schudding; bevend gedeelte van of het vliegtuig in totaal gedurende de vlucht door sterke winden; achtereenvolgende sterke windvlagen of golven; het met de hand slaan
Greek English To Greek - buffeting 
[buffet] ρήμ. κτυπώ
ChineseS English To ChineseS - buffeting 
[buffet] (动) 揍, 打; 伤害; 连续冲击; 打击; 奋勇前进
ChineseT English To ChineseT - buffeting 
[buffet] (動) 揍, 打; 傷害; 連續衝擊; 打擊; 奮勇前進
Japanese English To Japanese - buffeting 
(名) 打つこと; 飛行中強風のために飛行機の一部または全体が揺れること; 継続的に風が打ちつけたり波が打ち寄せたりすること; 手で叩くこと
(動) 打つ; 戦う
Korean English To Korean - buffeting 
[buffet] 동. 치다, 고투하다


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