Definition of burdensome Pronunciation
1. Not easily borne; wearing.
The burdensome task of preparing the income tax return.
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English - English - burdensome Pronunciation
adj. laborious; tiring; weighty
English - Spanish - burdensome Pronunciation
adj. gravoso, agobiante, agotador, canso, cansoso, fatigante, fatigoso, muy difícil, oneroso, opresivo, trabajoso
English - French - burdensome Pronunciation
adj. lourd; fatiguant; angoissant; laborieux; onéreux
English - German - burdensome Pronunciation
adj. lästig, schwierig
English - Indonesian - burdensome Pronunciation
a. berat, beban: yg menjadi beban, memberatkan: yg memberatkan
English - Italian - burdensome Pronunciation
agg. pesante, gravoso; opprimente
English - Polish - burdensome Pronunciation
a. uciążliwy
English - Portuguese - burdensome Pronunciation
adj. pesado, incômodo, fatigante
English - Romanian - burdensome Pronunciation
a. greu, apăsător, oneros, împovărător
English - Russian - burdensome Pronunciation
прил. обременительный, тягостный
English - Turkish - burdensome Pronunciation
s. sıkıcı, külfetli, ağır
English - Ukrainian - burdensome Pronunciation
a. обтяжливий, дражливий
English - Dutch - burdensome Pronunciation
bn. zwaar; vermoeiend; lastig
English - Greek - burdensome Pronunciation
επίθ. φορτικός, επαχθής
English - Arabic - burdensome Pronunciation
‏متعب، باهظ‏
English - Chinese - burdensome Pronunciation
(形) 累赘的, 艰难的, 恼人的
English - Chinese - burdensome Pronunciation
(形) 累贅的, 艱難的, 惱人的
English - Hindi - burdensome Pronunciation
a. भारी, बोझल, बोझिल, कष्टकारी
English - Japanese - burdensome Pronunciation
(形) 重荷となる; 負担の大きい; 厄介な
English - Korean - burdensome Pronunciation
형. 수고스러운; 성가신; 부담되는
English - Vietnamese - burdensome Pronunciation
a. nặng nề

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Synonyms for burdensome
oppressive: difficult, onerous, heavy, arduous, troublesome