Definition of bustle Pronunciation
1. An excited activity; a stir.
2. A cover to protect and hide the back panel of a computer or other office machine.
3. A frame worn underneath a woman's skirt, typically only protruding from the rear as opposed to the earlier more circular hoops.
4. To move busily and energetically with fussiness (often followed by about).
The commuters bustled about inside the train station.
5. To teem or abound (usually followed by with); to exhibit an energetic and active abundance (of a thing). See also bustle with.
The train station was bustling with commuters.
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English - English - bustle Pronunciation
n. commotion, uproar, lively activity
v. be noisy; hurry, rush, run around
English - Spanish - bustle Pronunciation
s. bullicio, ajetreo, alboroto, animación, batahola, batiburrillo, cisco, conmoción, convulsión, embullo, fandango, rebullicio, trajín; polisón; frenesí
v. trabajar con prisas, trajinar; agitarse, ir apresuradamente
English - French - bustle Pronunciation
n. mouvement, remue-ménage, animation
v. se remuer, s'activer; s'affairer; se démener, faire dépêcher, se presser
English - German - bustle Pronunciation
n. Tumult, Aktivität, Qualität
v. geschäftig treiben; hasten
English - Italian - bustle Pronunciation
s. trambusto, andirivieni, confusione
v. darsi da fare, affaccendarsi, agitarsi; brulicare, pullulare, essere pieno
English - Portuguese - bustle Pronunciation
s. confusão, tumulto, agitação
v. mexer-se, movimentar-se; fazer barulho; apressar-se; agitar-se; cansar-se
English - Russian - bustle Pronunciation
с. суматоха, суета, турнюр
г. суетиться, тыкаться, спешить, торопиться
English - Turkish - bustle Pronunciation
f. telaş etmek, koşuşturmak
i. telaş, koşuşturma, acele, faaliyet
English - Dutch - bustle Pronunciation
zn. drukte; tumult; lawaai
ww. drukte; jachten
English - Greek - bustle Pronunciation
ουσ. ταραχή, φασαρία, στήριγμα φούστας
ρήμ. σπεώδω πολυασχολώς
English - Chinese - bustle Pronunciation
(名) 忙乱, 喧嚣#腰垫, 裙撑
(动) 催促; 使忙碌; 闹哄哄地忙乱; 充满; 奔忙
English - Chinese - bustle Pronunciation
(名) 忙亂, 喧囂#腰墊, 裙撐
(動) 催促; 使忙碌; 鬧哄哄地忙亂; 充滿; 奔忙
English - Japanese - bustle Pronunciation
(名) 大騒ぎ; 活気; ざわめき, 賑わい, 喧騒; バスル
(動) 大騒ぎする; せわしく動く; 騒がせる; せきたてる; せっせと働く; 急ぐ; 賑わう
English - Korean - bustle Pronunciation
명. 야단법석, 소동, 소란, 활발한 활동
동. 부산하게 움직이다, 붐비다; 법석떨게 하다, 분주하게 하다

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Synonyms for bustle
hasten: rush, haste, scoot, bestir, hurry
Verb forms for bustle
Present participle: bustling
Present: bustle (3.person: bustles)
Past: bustled
Future: will bustle
Present conditional: would bustle
Present Perfect: have bustled (3.person: has bustled)
Past Perfect: had bustled
Future Perfect: will have bustled
Past conditional: would have bustled