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English English - Definition of cabaret 
n. cafe or restaurant that includes live entertainment (generally singing and dancing)
n. cabaret, cafe or restaurant that includes live entertainment
n. cabaret, nightclub
Spanish English To Spanish - cabaret 
s. cabaret, cabaré, club nocturno
French English To French - cabaret 
n. cabaret; café ou restaurant avec un spectacle d'attractions (généralement danse et chansons)
German English To German - cabaret 
n. Kabarett, Café oder Restaurant die gleichzeitig Unterhaltung anbieten
Italian English To Italian - cabaret 
s. cabaret, caffè concerto; varietà
Portuguese English To Portuguese - cabaret 
s. cabaré (casa de chá ou restaurante que oferece espetáculos ao vivo)
Russian English To Russian - cabaret 
с. кабаре, эстрадное выступление в кабаре, кабачок
Turkish English To Turkish - cabaret 
i. kabare, müzikli ve danslı şov, gece klübü, meyhane
English French To English - cabaret 
(m) n. cabaret, nightclub
English German To English - cabaret 
n. cafe or restaurant that includes live entertainment (generally singing and dancing)
English Italian To English - cabaret 
n. cabaret, cafe or restaurant that includes live entertainment (generally singing and dancing)
English Spanish To English - cabaret 
n. cabaret
English Dutch To English - cabaret 
n. cabaret
Albanian English To Albanian - cabaret 
n. kabare, argëtim
Dutch English To Dutch - cabaret 
zn. cabaret (een cafe waar ook opgetreden wordt)
Greek English To Greek - cabaret 
ουσ. εστιατόριο με θεατρική διασκέδαση, καμπαρέ
French Dutch To French - cabaret 
(vermaak) cabaret (m)
Dutch French To Dutch - cabaret 
1. (divertissement) cabaret (n); kleinkunst (f); variété (n)
2. (boissons alcooliques) herberg (m/f); taveerne (m/f) (arch.); taverne (m/f) (arch.)
ChineseS English To ChineseS - cabaret 
(名) 酒店, 酒店的歌舞表演
ChineseT English To ChineseT - cabaret 
(名) 酒店, 酒店的歌舞表演
Japanese English To Japanese - cabaret 
(名) キャバレー, ライブショーが行われるカフェバーやレストラン(一般的に歌やダンス)
Korean English To Korean - cabaret 
명. 카바레, 생생한 유흥거리( 대개 노래와 무용) 공연을 제공하는 카페 또는 음식점
German French To German - cabaret 
n. kleinkunstbühne, nachtbar, kabarett, nachtlokal
Italian French To Italian - cabaret 
1. (divertissement) cabaret {invariable}
2. (boissons alcooliques) taverna (f)
Portuguese French To Portuguese - cabaret 
1. (divertissement) cabaré (m)
2. (boissons alcooliques) taberna (f); botequim (m)
Russian French To Russian - cabaret 
n. кабаре (m), кабак (m)
Spanish French To Spanish - cabaret 
1. (divertissement) cabaret (m)
2. (boissons alcooliques) taberna (f)
Turkish French To Turkish - cabaret 
[le] kabare; meyhane; gece kulübü
Turkish German To Turkish - cabaret 
i. kabare (n)
French Italian To French - cabaret 
(intrattenimento) cabaret (m)
German Italian To German - cabaret 
n. kabarett
French Spanish To French - cabaret 
(diversión) cabaret (m); boîte de nuit; boîte (f)
German Spanish To German - cabaret 
n. nachtklub, nachtlokal, kabarett, kleinkunstbühne
noun: a series of acts at a night club
noun: a spot that is open late at night and that provides entertainment (as singers or dancers) as well as dancing and food and drink Example:Don't expect a good meal at a cabaret.


 Synonyms for cabaret
night club: club, bar, lounge

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