English - English - cabas Pronunciation
n. flat basket for figs; handbag or workbasket for women
n. shopping bag, basket
n. little shopping bag, school bag; satchel, small bag with a shoulder strap used to carry books or small items
English - French - cabas Pronunciation
n. cabas de figues, panier qui sert à mettre des fruits; sac à main; panier à ouvrage (couture-tricot)
English - German - cabas Pronunciation
English - Indonesian - cabas Pronunciation
n. tas wanita
English - Italian - cabas Pronunciation
s. tipo di cestino piatto per fichi; cestino da lavoro di donna
English - Portuguese - cabas Pronunciation
s. tipo de cesta para figos; tipo de cesta
English - Russian - cabas Pronunciation
с. рабочая корзинка, сумочка
French - English - cabas Pronunciation
(m) n. shopping bag, basket
English - Dutch - cabas Pronunciation
zn. platte mand met vijgen; handtas of werktas voor vrouwen
French - Spanish - cabas Pronunciation
(achats) bolsa (f)
French - German - cabas Pronunciation
n. einkaufstasche
French - Italian - cabas Pronunciation
(achats) sacchetto (m)
French - Portuguese - cabas Pronunciation
(achats) sacola (f); bolsa (f)
French - Russian - cabas Pronunciation
n. корзина (m), кошелка (m), сумка (m)
French - Turkish - cabas Pronunciation
[le] alışveriş çantası
French - Dutch - cabas Pronunciation
(achats) zak (m); tas (m/f)
English - Hindi - cabas Pronunciation
n. बोरा, थैला

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