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English English - Definition of cabochon 
n. polished precious stone (without facets)
n. cabochon, polished precious stone
n. cabochon, polished precious stone
Spanish English To Spanish - cabochon 
s. cabujón, piedra preciosa pulida
French English To French - cabochon 
n. cabochon, pierre précieuse polie mais non taillie
German English To German - cabochon 
n. Cabochon (gewölbt geschliffener Edelstein)
Italian English To Italian - cabochon 
s. gemma levigata ma non sfaccettata
Portuguese English To Portuguese - cabochon 
s. cabochão (pedra preciosa ou não, polida de forma arredondada e não-facetada)
Russian English To Russian - cabochon 
с. кабошон
English German To English - cabochon 
n. polished precious stone (without facets)
English Italian To English - cabochon 
n. cabochon, polished precious stone
Dutch English To Dutch - cabochon 
zn. geslepen dure edelsteen
Greek English To Greek - cabochon 
Geology τύπος κοπής χωρίς διακριτές πλευρές, αλλά εντελώς στρογγυλεμένο απ' τη μία πλευρά και ίσο στη ράχη
ChineseS English To ChineseS - cabochon 
(名) 凸圆形宝石; 未切面的宝石
ChineseT English To ChineseT - cabochon 
(名) 凸圓形寶石; 未切面的寶石
Japanese English To Japanese - cabochon 
(名) カボション, つやのある宝石(面のない)
Russian French To Russian - cabochon 
n. гвоздь (m)
Spanish German To Spanish - cabochon 
n. cabujón (m)


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