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English English - Definition of cachexy 
n. cachexia, chronic weakness, debility (caused by illness)
Spanish English To Spanish - cachexy 
s. caquexia, debilitación crónica, desnutrición
French English To French - cachexy 
n. cachexie, état d'affaiblissement lors d'une dénutrition, fatigue chronique, dégénérescence
German English To German - cachexy 
n. Kachexie, Kräfteverfall
Italian English To Italian - cachexy 
s. cachessia (stato di malnutrizione accompagnato da malattia cronica)
Portuguese English To Portuguese - cachexy 
s. caquexia (Med.- estado de desnutrição profunda)
Russian English To Russian - cachexy 
с. истощение, худосочие, упадок сил, кахексия
Turkish English To Turkish - cachexy 
i. kaşeksi, beden zayıflığı
Albanian English To Albanian - cachexy 
n. tretje [mjek.]
Dutch English To Dutch - cachexy 
zn. cachexie (sterk verslechterde lichaamsgesteldheid met vermagering, spieratrofie, anemie, verminderde huidturgor en algemene zwakte)
Greek English To Greek - cachexy 
Ουσ. καχεξία.
ChineseS English To ChineseS - cachexy 
(名) 恶病体质
ChineseT English To ChineseT - cachexy 
(名) 惡病體質
Japanese English To Japanese - cachexy 
(名) 不健全状態, 慢性虚弱(病気によっておこる)
Korean English To Korean - cachexy 
명. 악액질
noun: any general reduction in vitality and strength of body and mind resulting from a debilitating chronic disease


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