Definition of caddy Pronunciation
1. One hired to assist another in playing the game of golf.
"Caddy, pass me my five iron."
2. To serve as a caddy, carrying golf clubs etc.
I was honored to caddy for Tiger Woods at a charity golf game.
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English - English - caddy Pronunciation
n. lidded can or box for storing tea; one who carries golf clubs; drawer for compact discs in a CD-ROM drive (Computers)
v. carry golf clubs
n. caddy, trolley
English - Spanish - caddy Pronunciation
s. caja para el té, cajita; (inform.) caja para el diskette
v. llevar los palos (en el golf)
English - French - caddy Pronunciation
n. caddie (Golf); chariot; caddie, boîtier pour CD (Informatique)
v. transporter les clubs de golf
English - German - caddy Pronunciation
n. Teedose, Behälter, Büchse; Einkaufswagen, Junge der Golfspielern die Schläger hinterherträgt; (Comput) Kasten für die CD-Rom
v. caddie, Golfschläger tragen
English - Italian - caddy Pronunciation
s. sacca che contiene mazze (da golf); (inform.) compartimento dischi
v. barattolo (per il tè), carrello, portamazze
English - Portuguese - caddy Pronunciation
s. saco usado para carregar tacos (golfe)
v. carregar tacos (no jogo de golfe)
English - Russian - caddy Pronunciation
с. чайница; двухколесная тележка для клюшек; мальчик для подачи гольфовых клюшек; хозяйственная сумка на колесиках; выдвижная панель дисковода CD-ROM [комп.]
English - Turkish - caddy Pronunciation
i. golf takımlarını taşıyan yardımcı; çay kutusu
French - English - caddy Pronunciation
[caddie (m) n. caddy, trolley
English - Dutch - caddy Pronunciation
zn. wagentje of tas voor golfclubs; (in computers) een houder voor een CD
ww. caddie (die tijdens het spel de golfsticks draagt)
English - Greek - caddy Pronunciation
ουσ. θήκη τσαγιού, κουτί τσαγιού, κουτί
Spanish - French - caddy Pronunciation
(deportes - golf) caddie (m)
Spanish - German - caddy Pronunciation
n. golfjunge
French - German - caddy Pronunciation
n. caddie
English - Chinese - caddy Pronunciation
(名) 小罐, 茶叶罐; 带高尔夫球棒的人; 光盘区 CD-ROM 放磁盘的抽屉 (计算机用语)
English - Chinese - caddy Pronunciation
(名) 茶葉罐; 小罐; 小盒子#雜役; 撞球
English - Japanese - caddy Pronunciation
(動) キャディーをする
(名) 小さな容器, 小箱, キャディー; (コンピュータ)CD-ROMをドライブに挿入するためにCD-ROMを入れるケース
English - Korean - caddy Pronunciation
명. 차통, 상자, 캐디, 잔심부름하는 사람, 캐디용 이륜차

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Verb forms for caddy
Present participle: caddying
Present: caddy (3.person: caddies)
Past: caddied
Future: will caddy
Present conditional: would caddy
Present Perfect: have caddied (3.person: has caddied)
Past Perfect: had caddied
Future Perfect: will have caddied
Past conditional: would have caddied