Definition of caducity Pronunciation
1. Dotage or senility
2. The state of being impermanent or transitory.
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English - English - caducity Pronunciation
n. frailty, infirmity, senility
English - Spanish - caducity Pronunciation
s. caducidad, fragilidad
English - French - caducity Pronunciation
n. caducité; décrépitude; faiblesse, vieillesse; infirmité, sénilité
English - German - caducity Pronunciation
n. Impotenz, Altersschwäche, Zeitweiligkeit
English - Italian - caducity Pronunciation
s. caducità, transitorietà, senilità
English - Portuguese - caducity Pronunciation
s. senilidade, caduquice
English - Russian - caducity Pronunciation
с. бренность, дряхлость
English - Turkish - caducity Pronunciation
i. bunaklık, zayıflık, fanilik, geçicilik
English - Dutch - caducity Pronunciation
zn. vergankelijkheid; verwelking, afsterving
English - Greek - caducity Pronunciation
English - Chinese - caducity Pronunciation
(名) 脆弱; 早期凋落性; 老迈
English - Chinese - caducity Pronunciation
(名) 脆弱; 早期凋落性; 老邁
English - Japanese - caducity Pronunciation
(名) 老衰; 早落性; はかなさ; 脱落性
English - Korean - caducity Pronunciation
명. 노쇠

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