Definition of calm before the storm
1. A period of peace before a disturbance or crisis; an unnatural or false calm before a storm.
The meeting may be peaceful now, but this is only the calm before the storm.
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English - English - calm before the storm
peaceful period of time before a tempest, time of peace and quiet before trouble occurs
English - Spanish - calm before the storm
la calma antes de la tormenta
English - French - calm before the storm
calme avant la tempête
English - German - calm before the storm
verdächtige Ruhe
English - Italian - calm before the storm
il silenzio prima del caos
English - Portuguese - calm before the storm
a calma antes da tempestade
English - Dutch - calm before the storm
de stilte voor de storm
English - Japanese - calm before the storm
嵐の前の静けさ, 問題が起こる前の平和で静かな時

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