n. type of giraffe
English - Spanish - camelopard Pronunciation
s. camello pardal, tipo de jirafa
English - French - camelopard Pronunciation
n. giraffe, autre nom pour désigner la giraffe
English - German - camelopard Pronunciation
n. Giraffenart
English - Italian - camelopard Pronunciation
s. (Zool, ant) giraffa, camelopardo
English - Portuguese - camelopard Pronunciation
s. tipo de girafa
English - Russian - camelopard Pronunciation
с. жираф
English - Turkish - camelopard Pronunciation
English - Albanian - camelopard Pronunciation
n. gjirafë [zool.]
English - Dutch - camelopard Pronunciation
zn. Giraffe soort
English - Chinese - camelopard Pronunciation
(名) 驼豹; 鹿豹星座
English - Chinese - camelopard Pronunciation
(名) 駝豹; 鹿豹星座
English - Japanese - camelopard Pronunciation
(名) キリン
English - Korean - camelopard Pronunciation
명. 기린, 기린자리
noun: tallest living quadruped; having a spotted coat and small horns and very long neck and legs; of savannahs of tropical Africa
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