Definition of camouflage Pronunciation
1. A disguise or covering up.
2. The act of disguising.
3. The use of natural or artificial material on personnel, objects, or tactical positions with the aim of confusing, misleading, or evading the enemy.
4. A pattern on clothing consisting of irregularly shaped patches that are either greenish/brownish, brownish/whitish, or bluish/whitish, as used by ground combat forces.
5. Resemblance of an organism to its surroundings for avoiding detection.
6. Clothes made from camouflage fabric, for concealment in combat or hunting.
7. To hide or disguise something by covering it up or changing the way it looks.
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English - English - camouflage Pronunciation
n. disguise; coloring which blends with the surroundings
v. disguise; hide with camouflage
n. camouflage, disguise
English - Spanish - camouflage Pronunciation
s. camuflaje, disfraz; enmascaramiento
v. camuflar, disfrazar; camuflarse, disfrazarse, esconderse en un disfraz; distorsionar, desvirtuar
English - French - camouflage Pronunciation
n. camouflage, maquillage, déguisement
v. camoufler, déguiser de façon à rendre méconnaissable; cacher; dissimuler; maquiller
English - German - camouflage Pronunciation
n. Tarnung
v. verbergen
English - Indonesian - camouflage Pronunciation
n. penyamaran, kesamaran, mata: pengabuan mata, kamuflase, tipu, daya
v. menyamarkan, mengkamuflir, menipu
English - Italian - camouflage Pronunciation
s. (Mil) mimetizzazione, mascheramento; (fig) travestimento, camuffamento; finzione; frode, inganno
v. (Mil) mimetizzare, mascherare; camuffare
English - Polish - camouflage Pronunciation
n. kamuflaż, maskowanie
v. maskować, zamaskować, zamaskowywać
English - Portuguese - camouflage Pronunciation
s. camuflagem
v. camuflar
English - Romanian - camouflage Pronunciation
n. camuflaj
English - Russian - camouflage Pronunciation
с. маскировка, камуфляж; очковтирательство, уловка для отвода глаз, хитрость для отвода глаз
г. маскироваться, камуфлировать, применять маскировку, применять дымовую завесу
English - Turkish - camouflage Pronunciation
f. kamufle etmek, gizlemek
i. kamuflaj, gizleme
English - Ukrainian - camouflage Pronunciation
n. маскування, камуфляж, маскувальний: маскувальні засоби, хитрощі, окозамислювання
v. маскуватися, вдаватися до хитрощів, займатися окозамилюванням, замаскувати
French - English - camouflage Pronunciation
(m) n. camouflage, disguise
Dutch - English - camouflage Pronunciation
n. camouflage, disguise; coloring which blends with the surroundings
English - Dutch - camouflage Pronunciation
zn. camouflage
ww. camoufleren
English - Greek - camouflage Pronunciation
ουσ. συγκάλυψη, απατηλή εμφάνιση, καμουφλάζ
ρήμ. καμουφλάρω
French - Spanish - camouflage Pronunciation
1. (animaux) camuflaje (m)
2. (militaire) camuflaje (m)
French - German - camouflage Pronunciation
n. tarnung, vertuschung, verschleierung, veruntreuung, tarnen
French - Italian - camouflage Pronunciation
1. (animaux) mimetizzazione (f)
2. (militaire) mimetizzazione (f)
French - Portuguese - camouflage Pronunciation
1. (animaux) camuflagem (f)
2. (militaire) camuflagem (f)
French - Russian - camouflage Pronunciation
n. маскировка (m), камуфляж (m)
French - Turkish - camouflage Pronunciation
[le] kamuflaj, gizleme
German - Russian - camouflage Pronunciation
n. камуфляж (f), маскировка (f)
Dutch - French - camouflage Pronunciation
1. (dieren) camouflage (m)
2. (militair) camouflage (m)
French - Dutch - camouflage Pronunciation
1. (animaux) camouflage (f)
2. (militaire) camouflage (f)
English - Arabic - camouflage Pronunciation
‏تمويه، المظهر الزائف‏
‏موه، عمى، خدع‏
English - Chinese - camouflage Pronunciation
(名) 伪装, 幌子, 隐瞒
(动) 伪装, 掩蔽; 掩饰; 伪装起来; 隐蔽起来
English - Chinese - camouflage Pronunciation
(名) 偽裝, 幌子, 隱瞞
(動) 偽裝, 掩蔽; 掩飾; 偽裝起來; 隱蔽起來
English - Hindi - camouflage Pronunciation
n. छद्‌मावरण, छलावरण
v. छलावरण लगाना
English - Japanese - camouflage Pronunciation
(動) カムフラージュする, 偽装する; 同じ色になって隠れること
(名) カムフラージュ, 偽装; 周囲と同じ色になること
English - Korean - camouflage Pronunciation
명. 위장, 변장; 주변의 색깔과 뒤섞이는 색깔로 변화됨
동. 위장하다, 변장하다; 주변의 색깔과 섞이는 색으로 변해 숨다
English - Vietnamese - camouflage Pronunciation
n. cách cải trang, thay đổi hình dạng
v. bày hàng xấu để lừa người mua
a. sự cách hóa trang

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Synonyms for camouflage
1. disguise: deceit, mask, facade, masquerade, make-up, cover-up, subterfuge
2. concealment: dissimulation, cover, front, blind, netting
3. conceal: disguise, cover, veil, deceive, hide
Verb forms for camouflage
Present participle: camouflaging
Present: camouflage (3.person: camouflages)
Past: camouflaged
Future: will camouflage
Present conditional: would camouflage
Present Perfect: have camouflaged (3.person: has camouflaged)
Past Perfect: had camouflaged
Future Perfect: will have camouflaged
Past conditional: would have camouflaged