n. disguise; coloring which blends with the surroundings
v. disguise; hide with camouflage
n. camouflage, disguise
English - Spanish - camouflage Pronunciation
s. camuflaje, disfraz; enmascaramiento
v. camuflar, disfrazar; camuflarse, disfrazarse, esconderse en un disfraz; distorsionar, desvirtuar
English - French - camouflage Pronunciation
n. camouflage, maquillage, déguisement
v. camoufler, déguiser de façon à rendre méconnaissable; cacher; dissimuler; maquiller
English - German - camouflage Pronunciation
n. Tarnung
v. verbergen
English - Italian - camouflage Pronunciation
s. (Mil) mimetizzazione, mascheramento; (fig) travestimento, camuffamento; finzione; frode, inganno
v. (Mil) mimetizzare, mascherare; camuffare
English - Portuguese - camouflage Pronunciation
s. camuflagem
v. camuflar
English - Russian - camouflage Pronunciation
с. маскировка, камуфляж; очковтирательство, уловка для отвода глаз, хитрость для отвода глаз
г. маскироваться, камуфлировать, применять маскировку, применять дымовую завесу
English - Turkish - camouflage Pronunciation
f. kamufle etmek, gizlemek
i. kamuflaj, gizleme
French - English - camouflage Pronunciation
(m) n. camouflage, disguise
Dutch - English - camouflage Pronunciation
n. camouflage, disguise; coloring which blends with the surroundings
English - Albanian - camouflage Pronunciation
n. maskim [fig.]
v. maskoj [fig.]
English - Dutch - camouflage Pronunciation
zn. camouflage
ww. camoufleren
English - Greek - camouflage Pronunciation
ουσ. συγκάλυψη, απατηλή εμφάνιση, καμουφλάζ
ρήμ. καμουφλάρω
French - Spanish - camouflage Pronunciation
1. (animaux) camuflaje (m)
2. (militaire) camuflaje (m)
French - German - camouflage Pronunciation
n. tarnung, vertuschung, verschleierung, veruntreuung, tarnen
French - Italian - camouflage Pronunciation
1. (animaux) mimetizzazione (f)
2. (militaire) mimetizzazione (f)
French - Portuguese - camouflage Pronunciation
1. (animaux) camuflagem (f)
2. (militaire) camuflagem (f)
French - Russian - camouflage Pronunciation
n. маскировка (m), камуфляж (m)
French - Turkish - camouflage Pronunciation
[le] kamuflaj, gizleme
German - Russian - camouflage Pronunciation
n. камуфляж (f), маскировка (f)
Dutch - French - camouflage Pronunciation
1. (dieren) camouflage (m)
2. (militair) camouflage (m)
French - Dutch - camouflage Pronunciation
1. (animaux) camouflage (f)
2. (militaire) camouflage (f)
English - Chinese - camouflage Pronunciation
(名) 伪装, 幌子, 隐瞒
(动) 伪装, 掩蔽; 掩饰; 伪装起来; 隐蔽起来
English - Chinese - camouflage Pronunciation
(名) 偽裝, 幌子, 隱瞞
(動) 偽裝, 掩蔽; 掩飾; 偽裝起來; 隱蔽起來
English - Japanese - camouflage Pronunciation
(動) カムフラージュする, 偽装する; 同じ色になって隠れること
(名) カムフラージュ, 偽装; 周囲と同じ色になること
English - Korean - camouflage Pronunciation
명. 위장, 변장; 주변의 색깔과 뒤섞이는 색깔로 변화됨
동. 위장하다, 변장하다; 주변의 색깔과 섞이는 색으로 변해 숨다
noun: device or stratagem for concealment or deceit
noun: fabric dyed with splotches of green and brown and black and tan; intended to make the wearer of a garment made of this fabric hard to distinguish from the background
noun: the act of concealing the identity of something by modifying its appearance
noun: an outward semblance that misrepresents the true nature of something
verb: disguise by camouflaging; exploit the natural surroundings to disguise something

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Synonyms for camouflage
1. disguise: deceit, mask, facade, masquerade, make-up, cover-up, subterfuge
2. concealment: dissimulation, cover, front, blind, netting
3. conceal: disguise, cover, veil, deceive, hide
Verb forms for camouflage
Present participle: camouflaging
Present: camouflage (3.person: camouflages)
Past: camouflaged
Future: will camouflage
Present conditional: would camouflage
Present Perfect: have camouflaged (3.person: has camouflaged)
Past Perfect: had camouflaged
Future Perfect: will have camouflaged
Past conditional: would have camouflaged