Definition of candid Pronunciation
1. Impartial and free from prejudice.
2. Straightforward, open and sincere.
3. Not posed or rehearsed.
4. A spontaneous or unposed photograph.
His portraits looked stiff and formal but his candids showed life being lived.
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English - English - candid Pronunciation
adj. honest, straightforward, open, frank
English - Spanish - candid Pronunciation
adj. franco, sincero; cándido, candoroso, ingenuo
English - French - candid Pronunciation
adj. honnête, sincère, franc, direct
English - German - candid Pronunciation
adj. offen, ehrlich
English - Italian - candid Pronunciation
agg. franco, schietto, sincero; esplicito, chiaro; imparziale, disinteressato, onesto
English - Portuguese - candid Pronunciation
adj. leal, justo
English - Russian - candid Pronunciation
прил. искренний, чистосердечный, прямой, беспристрастный
English - Turkish - candid Pronunciation
s. samimi, candan, içten, açık, dürüst, saf, tarafsız; gizli çekimde kullanılan
English - Dutch - candid Pronunciation
bn. open(hartig)
English - Greek - candid Pronunciation
επίθ. άδολος, ευθύς, ειλικρινής, αμερόληπτος
English - Chinese - candid Pronunciation
(形) 坦白的, 率直的; 快拍的, 自然的
English - Chinese - candid Pronunciation
(形) 坦白的, 率直的; 快拍的, 自然的
English - Japanese - candid Pronunciation
(形) 率直な; 正直な; ポーズをとらない
English - Korean - candid Pronunciation
형. 솔직한

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