Definition of cap screw Pronunciation
1. A screw that is threaded along the entire length of the shaft and has a cap which is intended to rest against the side of the outermost material being screwed together when the screw has been screwed in to its maximum extent.
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English - Spanish - cap screw Pronunciation
tomillo de cabeza, perno de sombrerete, tornillo de cabeza, tornillo de sujeción, tapa roscada, tornillo con cabeza
English - French - cap screw Pronunciation
vis à chapeau, Vis à tête six pans
English - German - cap screw Pronunciation
Kopfschraube, Deckelschraube, Kopfschraube (ohne Mutter/für Gewindebohrung), für Gewindebohrung), Hutschraube, Überwurfschraube, Innensechskantschraube, Zylinderschrauben, Zylinderschraube
English - Turkish - cap screw Pronunciation
başlık vidası
English - Dutch - cap screw Pronunciation

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