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English English - Definition of capote 
n. (from French) long cloak or overcoat with a hood; cape of a bullfighter; fitted cap-like bonnet that women and children wore in the mid-Victorian period; movable part which covers the engine of an automobile; top part of a carriage that folds up
n. capote; condom (Informal); hood; overcoat
v. overturn, collapse
Spanish English To Spanish - capote 
s. capota (f)
French English To French - capote 
n. capote (mot français), grand manteau à capuche, caban; cape du toréador; chapeau de femme ancien; toit mobile de certaines voitures (voiture décapotable), partie supérieure d'une charrette que l'on peut rabattre
Italian English To Italian - capote 
s. mantello con cappuccio; capote (aut.)
Portuguese English To Portuguese - capote 
s. capota
Russian English To Russian - capote 
с. длинная шинель, плащ с капюшоном, женская шляпка с завязками, откидной верх экипажа, капот
English French To English - capote 
(f) n. capote; condom (Informal); hood; overcoat
English Italian To English - capote 
n. hood
English Portuguese To English - capote 
n. cowl, cloak, lurch, vole, volt, mantle
English Spanish To English - capote 
[capote (m)] n. cape, cloak; frown, scowl; slam
Albanian English To Albanian - capote 
n. pelerinë me kapuç, kapotë, kapuç
Dutch English To Dutch - capote 
zn. (uit Frans) lange mantel of overjas met muts; mantel van een stierenvechter; mutsje in vorm van kapje door vrouwen en kinderen gedragen gedurende de Midden-Victoriaanse periode; beweeglijk gedeelte dat motor van een auto bedekt; bovenste gedeelte van een rijtuig dat opgevouwen kan worden
Greek English To Greek - capote 
Dutch French To Dutch - capote 
(automobiles) motorkap (m/f)
Korean English To Korean - capote 
명. 후드 달린 긴 외투
German French To German - capote 
n. pariser, präser, verdeck, klappverdeck, dach, gummi
Italian French To Italian - capote 
(automobiles) cofano (m)
Portuguese French To Portuguese - capote 
(automobiles) capô (m)
Russian French To Russian - capote 
n. шинель (f), откидной верх (автомобиля) (f), рефлектор (дымовой трубы) (тех.) (f), зонт (тех.) (f)
Spanish French To Spanish - capote 
(automobiles) capota (f); capó (m)
Turkish French To Turkish - capote 
[la] kaput; kadın şapkası; (arabada) körük
German Italian To German - capote 
n. verdeck
ChineseT Spanish To ChineseT - capote 
n. 斗篷 (dou3 peng2)
German Spanish To German - capote 
n. regenmantel, mantel, umhang
Korean Spanish To Korean - capote 
n. 곶, 소매 없는 외투
Russian Spanish To Russian - capote 
n. плащ
noun: a long hooded cloak
noun: a long hooded overcoat
name: A surname (very rare: popularity rank in the U.S.: #21003)


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