Definition of capriciously Pronunciation
1. In a capricious manner.
There were Turk's head lilies and patches of iris , islands of brilliant blue set capriciously in the green sea.
2. Unpredictably.
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English - English - capriciously Pronunciation
adv. whimsically, fancifully, inconstantly
English - Spanish - capriciously Pronunciation
adv. caprichosamente, antojadizamente, veleidosamente
English - French - capriciously Pronunciation
adv. capricieusement; avec fantaisie, irrégulièrement
English - German - capriciously Pronunciation
adv. kapricemäßig, launehaft, willkürlich
English - Italian - capriciously Pronunciation
avv. capricciosamente
English - Portuguese - capriciously Pronunciation
adv. caprichosamente
English - Russian - capriciously Pronunciation
нареч. капризно, причудливо
English - Dutch - capriciously Pronunciation
bw. met wispelturigheid
English - Greek - capriciously Pronunciation
(Lex**) ιδιότροπα
English - Chinese - capriciously Pronunciation
(副) 任性地; 变化无常地; 善变地
English - Chinese - capriciously Pronunciation
(副) 任性地; 變化無常地; 善變地
English - Japanese - capriciously Pronunciation
(副) 気まぐれに
English - Korean - capriciously Pronunciation
부. 변덕스럽게, 일관적이지 않게

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