Definition of cardio Pronunciation
1. Cardiovascular; pertaining to the health of the circulatory and respiratory systems.
2. Cardiovascular exercise
I did some cardio today instead of lifting weights.
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English - English - cardio Pronunciation
pref. of the heart, pertaining to the heart
pref. cardio, of the heart, pertaining to the heart
n. cockle, shellfish
English - Spanish - cardio Pronunciation
pref. del corazón, perteneciente al corazón
Spanish - English - cardio Pronunciation
pref. cardio
English - French - cardio Pronunciation
pref. cardio (préfixe), du coeur, relatif au coeur
English - German - cardio Pronunciation
pref. cardio, des Herzens, das Herz betreffend
English - Portuguese - cardio Pronunciation
pref. cardíaco, pertencente ao coração
English - Russian - cardio Pronunciation
English - Turkish - cardio Pronunciation
ök. kardiyo, kâlbe ait, kâlp
French - English - cardio Pronunciation
pref. cardio, of the heart, pertaining to the heart
Italian - English - cardio Pronunciation
n. cockle, shellfish
English - Japanese - cardio Pronunciation
(接頭) 心臓の, 心臓に関する

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