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English English - Definition of carefree 
adj. without worry; cheerful, lighthearted
Spanish English To Spanish - carefree 
adj. despreocupado, campante, descuidado, fresco, libre de problemas, negligente, sin preocupaciones, sin problemas, sin una preocupación
French English To French - carefree 
adj. insouciant; joyeux, gai
German English To German - carefree 
adj. sorgenlos, glücklich
Italian English To Italian - carefree 
agg. libero da preoccupazioni, spensierato
Portuguese English To Portuguese - carefree 
adj. tranqüilo; despreocupado; contente, satisfeito
Russian English To Russian - carefree 
прил. беззаботный, беспечный, ничем не обремененный, вольготный
Turkish English To Turkish - carefree 
s. endişesiz, tasasız, kaygısız, dertsiz, kalender, kayıtsız, gamsız
Albanian English To Albanian - carefree 
adj. shkujdesur: i shkujdesur, lumtur: i lumtur
Dutch English To Dutch - carefree 
bn. zorgeloos; vrij; zonder enige zorgen
Greek English To Greek - carefree 
επίθ. αμέριμνος, ανέμελος, ξένοιαστος
ChineseS English To ChineseS - carefree 
(形) 无忧无虑的, 不负责的
ChineseT English To ChineseT - carefree 
(形) 無憂無慮的, 不負責的
Japanese English To Japanese - carefree 
(形) 気にしない; 気楽な, のんきな
Korean English To Korean - carefree 
형. 근심이 없는, 걱정이 없는; 마음이 가벼운, 명랑한
adjective: cheerfully irresponsible Example:Carefree with his money.
adjective: free of trouble and worry and care Example:The carefree joys of childhood.


 Synonyms for carefree
untroubled: unconcerned, jaunty, careless, nonchalant, lighthearted, happy

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