n. lack of caution; indifference
English - Spanish - carelessness Pronunciation
s. descuido, abandonamiento, dejadez, dejamiento, desaliño, descompostura, desgaire, despreocupación, falta de atención, falta de cuidado, frescura, imprudencia, incuria, indiferencia
English - French - carelessness Pronunciation
n. insouciance, inattention; étourderie; imprudence; indifférence; négligence
English - German - carelessness Pronunciation
n. Nachlässigkeit
English - Italian - carelessness Pronunciation
s. trascuratezza, negligenza; imprecisione, inesattezza; avventatezza, sconsideratezza
English - Portuguese - carelessness Pronunciation
s. descuido, desatenção
English - Russian - carelessness Pronunciation
с. беззаботность
English - Turkish - carelessness Pronunciation
i. dikkatsizlik, aldırışsızlık, aldırmazlık, ihmal, kayıtsızlık, ihmalkârlık, ihmalcilik
English - Albanian - carelessness Pronunciation
n. pakujdesi, shkujdesje, mospërfillje, moskokëçarje
English - Dutch - carelessness Pronunciation
zn. onvoorzichtigheid, onnauwkeurigheid
English - Greek - carelessness Pronunciation
ουσ. απροσεξία, αμεριμνησία
English - Chinese - carelessness Pronunciation
(名) 粗心大意; 淡漠; 草率; 快活
English - Chinese - carelessness Pronunciation
(名) 粗心大意; 淡漠; 草率; 快活
English - Japanese - carelessness Pronunciation
(名) 不注意; 無関心
English - Korean - carelessness Pronunciation
명. 부주의; 무관심
noun: the quality of not being careful or taking pains
noun: failure to act with the prudence that a reasonable person would exercise under the same circumstances.
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Synonyms for carelessness
negligence: oversight, neglect, laxity, default, delinquency, dereliction, breach