Definition of cariosity Pronunciation
1. Caries
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English - English - cariosity Pronunciation
n. caries (Medicine); tooth and bone decay (Pathology)
English - Spanish - cariosity Pronunciation
s. caries, enfermedad de los dientes
English - French - cariosity Pronunciation
n. carie (Médecine), destruction progessive des tisus osseux (Pathologie)
English - German - cariosity Pronunciation
English - Italian - cariosity Pronunciation
s. carie (patol.)
English - Russian - cariosity Pronunciation
с. кариозный процесс
English - Dutch - cariosity Pronunciation
zn. cariës (Geneeskunde); tand of botverval (Pathologie)
English - Greek - cariosity Pronunciation
ουσ. σαπίλα

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