Definition of carlot Pronunciation
1. Car park
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English - English - carlot Pronunciation
n. boor, uncultured person; churl, person from the country; peasant
English - Spanish - carlot Pronunciation
s. rústico, persona inculta; ignorante, persona grosera, persona del campo; campesino, labriego, paisano
English - German - carlot Pronunciation
n. Rüpel, Flegel, unerzogene Person; Person aus ländlichem Gebiet stammend; Bauer
English - Italian - carlot Pronunciation
English - Portuguese - carlot Pronunciation
s. pessoa grosseira, pessoa inculta; caipira
English - Chinese - carlot Pronunciation
(名) 符合法定最低载重量之货物
English - Chinese - carlot Pronunciation
(名) 符合法定最低載重量之貨物
English - Japanese - carlot Pronunciation
(名) 粗野な人; 田舎者; 農夫

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