Definition of carman Pronunciation
1. A person who transported goods, usually with a horse and cart
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English - English - carman Pronunciation
n. someone whose occupation is to drives a car; man who transports merchandise; one who drives a streetcar or train (dated); streetcar attendant or conductor (dated)
English - Spanish - carman Pronunciation
s. dirigente de coche (m)
English - French - carman Pronunciation
n. conducteur, chauffeur, personne dont la profession est de conduire un véhicule; transporteur, personne qui transporte de la marchandise; conducteur de tramway (archaïque)
English - German - carman Pronunciation
Berufskraftfahrer, Rangierer
English - Italian - carman Pronunciation
s. carrettiere; conducente d'auto
English - Portuguese - carman Pronunciation
s. caminhoneiro (m), carreteiro (m), cocheiro (m), maquinista (mp)
English - Russian - carman Pronunciation
с. возчик, вагоновожатый
English - Turkish - carman Pronunciation
i. kamyoncu, nakliyeci, arabacı
English - Dutch - carman Pronunciation
zn. iemands beroep het is auto te rijden, autochauffeur; iemand die koopwaar transporteert; iemand die een tram of train bestuurt (ouderwets); tram conducteur (ouderwets)
English - Greek - carman Pronunciation
(Lex). ουσ. φορτηγατζής
English - Korean - carman Pronunciation
명. 전차승무원

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