Definition of carnassial Pronunciation
1. One of the teeth used by a carnivore for shearing flesh, being the last upper premolar and the first lower molar.
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English - English - carnassial Pronunciation
adj. (Zoology) suitable for tearing meat (of teeth)
English - Spanish - carnassial Pronunciation
adj. ajustado para la comida de carne (en zoología - sobre los dientes)
English - French - carnassial Pronunciation
adj. carnassier, se dit des animaux qui se nourrissent de proies animales (Zoologie)
English - German - carnassial Pronunciation
adj. zum Fleisch essen geeignet (wie der Zahn - Zoologie)
English - Italian - carnassial Pronunciation
agg. adatto alla masticazione della carne (zoologia- riferito al dente)
English - Portuguese - carnassial Pronunciation
adj. (Zoologia) carniceiro, adaptado para dilacerar carne (dente carniceiro)
English - Turkish - carnassial Pronunciation
i. köpek dişi
English - Dutch - carnassial Pronunciation
bn. aangepast om vlees te eten (in dierkunde-een tand)
English - Chinese - carnassial Pronunciation
(形) 食肉的
English - Chinese - carnassial Pronunciation
(形) 食肉的
English - Japanese - carnassial Pronunciation
(形) (動物学)裂肉の(歯の)

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