n. type of flower; pink color, rosy color
English - Spanish - carnation Pronunciation
s. clavel (flor); rosado, color de la carne
English - French - carnation Pronunciation
n. oeillet (variété de fleur); carnation, couleur rose, teint, apparence de la chair d'une personne
English - German - carnation Pronunciation
n. Nelke (Blume); Farbe rosa
English - Italian - carnation Pronunciation
s. (Bot) garofano; rosa; rosa carne
English - Portuguese - carnation Pronunciation
s. encarnação; cravo (flor); cor de cravo
English - Russian - carnation Pronunciation
с. гвоздика, разные оттенки красноватых тонов, телесный цвет, части картины
English - Turkish - carnation Pronunciation
i. karanfil, pembe
English - Albanian - carnation Pronunciation
n. karafil, bojë karafili
adj. bojë karafili
English - Dutch - carnation Pronunciation
zn. anjer
English - Greek - carnation Pronunciation
ουσ. γαρύφαλλο
English - Chinese - carnation Pronunciation
(名) 荷兰石竹; 粉红色; 康乃馨
English - Chinese - carnation Pronunciation
(名) 荷蘭石竹; 粉紅色; 康乃馨
English - Japanese - carnation Pronunciation
(名) カーネーション; 淡紅色
English - Korean - carnation Pronunciation
명. 카네이션, 꽃의 일종; 담홍색
noun: a pink or reddish-pink color
noun: Eurasian plant with pink to purple-red spice-scented usually double flowers; widely cultivated in many varieties and many colors
adjective: having the color of a carnation

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