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English English - Definition of casa 
n. house (in Spanish)
v. accommodate
n. house; flat; home, family, household; firm, establishment
Spanish English To Spanish - casa 
s. casa, morada, hogar, domicilio
French English To French - casa 
n. maison (Espagnol)
German English To German - casa 
n. Casa, Haus (in Spanisch)
Portuguese English To Portuguese - casa 
s. casa
Russian English To Russian - casa 
(f) дом
English Italian To English - casa 
n. house, home, flat, family, household, houseboat, firm, establishment, firmament, place, a casa, senza casa
English Portuguese To English - casa 
n. house, building, edifice, premises, home
English Spanish To English - casa 
n. house, place where people live; household; interior; building, edifice; menage; hostel; place, lieu
Dutch English To Dutch - casa 
1. knoopsgat 2. huis, pand 3. tehuis, thuis
Japanese English To Japanese - casa 
(名) 家(スペイン語)
Korean English To Korean - casa 
명. 집(스페인어로)
French Italian To French - casa 
1. (famiglia) siens (mp); maison (f)
2. (luogo) domicile (m); demeure (f); résidence (f); maison (f)
3. (gente) ménage (m); maison (f); maisonnée (f); famille (f) 4. (costruzione) maison (f)
German Italian To German - casa 
n. wohnung, heimstätte, haushaltung, familie, dynastie, häuslichkeit, haushalt, haus, zuhause, dach, heim, daheim
ChineseT Spanish To ChineseT - casa 
n. 房子 (fang2 zı5), 家 (jıa1), 館 (guan3)
French Spanish To French - casa 
1. (familia) siens (mp); maison (f) 2. (lugar) maison (f)
3. (gente) ménage (m); maison (f); maisonnée (f); famille (f) 4. (edificio) maison (f)
5. (hogar) foyer (m); âtre (m)
German Spanish To German - casa 
n. haus, behausung, wohnung, wohngebäude, firma, wirtschaft, heim, daheim, hausstand, haushalt, familie, sippe, dynastie
Korean Spanish To Korean - casa 
n. 집, 주택, 아파트, 일가
Russian Spanish To Russian - casa 
n. дом, фирма


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