Definition of cautery Pronunciation
1. The process of using either extreme heat or extreme cold to either cut or seal body tissue.
2. A device used for cutting or sealing body tissue.
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English - English - cautery Pronunciation
n. instrument or substance used to cauterize abnormal tissue; cauterization, act of searing, process of destroying tissue with a cautery
English - Spanish - cautery Pronunciation
s. cauterio, cauterizador, instrumento de cauterización
English - French - cautery Pronunciation
n. cautère, instrument dont la pointe chauffée au rouge sert à brûler les tissus; cautérisation, destruction d'un tissu afin de détruire une lésion, d'arrêter une infection, une plaie
English - German - cautery Pronunciation
n. Ausbrennen, Ätzen
English - Italian - cautery Pronunciation
s. cauterizzazione
English - Portuguese - cautery Pronunciation
s. cauterização
English - Russian - cautery Pronunciation
с. прижигание, прижигающее средство, термокаутер
English - Turkish - cautery Pronunciation
i. dağlama, yakma, dağlama demiri, dağlayan şey
English - Dutch - cautery Pronunciation
zn. brandijzer
English - Greek - cautery Pronunciation
ουσ. καυτήριο, καυτηρίαση
English - Chinese - cautery Pronunciation
(名) 烙; 烧灼剂; 烙器
English - Chinese - cautery Pronunciation
(名) 烙; 燒灼劑; 烙器
English - Japanese - cautery Pronunciation
(名) 焼灼; 焼灼器; 灸; 焼灼薬
English - Korean - cautery Pronunciation
명. 소작, 소작법

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